Are purple carrots healthier than oranges?

In the world there is a great variety of different types of carrots, grouped by size and colors. We know the usual orange ones, but they are also very striking and really nutritious the purple carrots. This color makes it full of polyphenols and antioxidant substances highly beneficial for our body, so playing with orange

Donkey’s milk: benefits and disadvantages

In recent years, the consumption of donkey’s milk, and it seems that it is a new fashion linked to the attempt to connect with the rural world and the fact of taking different things or with a more ecological profile. This dairy is nothing new, since it has been consumed by humanity for thousands of

To what extent are pork rinds so unhealthy?

The pork rinds they are a very appetizing snack for mucohs for their unmistakable flavor. This snack is produced from the skin of the pig, once it has been fried and seasoned. This food is very popular in many parts of Europe, especially in Spain, but also very common in the United States and Mexico, known

Discover the properties of kamut bread

When we talk about cereals, the kamut it gains in longevity to everyone else. It is a cereal that has been around for centuries, was already cultivated in Ancient Egyptian around 5,000 years ago. A great potential of this wheat variety is that it has not undergone any type of transformation, it has remained intact

Foods that repair leaky gut

The leaky gut syndrome Is a pathology that is characterized by headaches, tiredness, diarrhea, abdominal swelling, food intolerances, difficulty losing weight, and joint pain without apparent causes. As it is a clinical picture with very different symptoms, it is a complicated diagnostic disease. Therefore, in this article, we tell you what are the best foods

15 Different Types of Vegan Protein

The main concern before a vegetarian diet or even vegan is if we are going to be able to consume enough protein. The elimination of meat and eggs, products with high protein content, it can leave us a void that we must compensate with seeds, fruits and vegetables with high content in it. Most nutritionists

Studied Benefits of Astaxanthin

The sea provides us with a wide range of essential components for our body. Although one of the most valued elements is the Omega-3 fatty acid, astaxanthin also offers us a multitude of benefits. This carotenoid pigment can be found in a large number of species, both in microalgae and sea yeast trout or salmon,

Oat Bran and its Potential Benefits

Oats are considered to be a very healthy grain and increasingly fashionable for its potential and content in fiber and minerals. More and more new recipes appear for use, whether included in salads, smoothies, yogurts, etc. Usually, oats undergo a physical process where the outer shell is removed, since it is not entirely edible. However,

6 Foods That Cause Inflammation

The inflammation it can be good or bad depending on the situation. For one, it’s your body’s natural way to protect itself when it’s injured or sick. It can help your body fend off diseases and stimulate healing. On the other hand, chronic and sustained inflammation is related to a increased risk of disease such

7 Nutrients You Can’t Get from Plants

The vegan and vegetarian diets they are very healthy ways of eating according to meta-analyses carried out and various studies carried out in the last 20 years. This type of diet has been linked to many health benefits and a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease or different types of cancer. In contrast, there are several