Digestive infusions to relieve stomach pain

Sometimes, after a big meal, we can suffer from some kind of stomach pain. The natural thing is to look for a quick solution to relieve it, since it can be very annoying. Therefore, a simple remedy to prepare can be some digestive infusions of proven effectiveness, especially for mild discomfort and stomach swelling. Commonly,

Discover the Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

The Earl Grey tea is born from the combination between black tea and bergamot orange extract. In fact, another name by which this infusion is also called is bergamot tea. It has been consumed for hundreds of years and still today there are communities that take it daily. As for current medicine, it has been

8 Proven Benefits Of Sencha Tea

Sencha tea has been recognized for providing interesting health benefits, including preventing chronic diseases such as hypertension or cholesterol. Today there are many highly reputable scientific studies that praise the effects of Sencha on the body. Therefore, we wanted to group most of these scientific trials and study their involvement, positive or negative, in the

Benefits of Consuming Rock Tea for the Body

Rock tea has been used since time immemorial as a digestive formula in the face of heavy meals, flatulence and stomach disorders. Today it is a very characteristic plant of Spain and still used for its medicinal properties. In this article we want to make a review of the properties of the plant Jasonia glutinose,

Benefits of Taking Barley Infusion

Barley is a cereal widely used since historical times. In recent years, its potential for health has been known through scientific research. Hence, the infusion of barley has become fashionable as a more striking way to incorporate it into our diet. On a nutritional level, barley contains interesting groups of antioxidants, but with the advantage

Scientifically Endorsed Benefits of Chai Tea

The name Chai tea is nothing more than a redundancy in itself, since Chai means in Hindu “infusion” or “tea”. However, it is the most well-known form for the Western world of Masala chai, a drink originating from India in which various spices are mixed together with aromatic herbs. For the preparation of Masala chai

7 Benefits of Kombucha Endorsed by Science

Kombucha is a fermented infusion that has been consumed for hundreds of years, but has once again gained fame in the Western world for its probiotic properties. Some say that it is the perfect combination of the benefits of a vegetable infusion with the addition of yeasts and potentially beneficial bacteria for our body. Kombucha