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Discover the properties of kamut bread

When we talk about cereals, the kamut it gains in longevity to everyone else.

It is a cereal that has been around for centuries, was already cultivated in Ancient Egyptian around 5,000 years ago. A great potential of this wheat variety is that it has not undergone any type of transformation, it has remained intact for centuries. without undergoing genetic manipulations, is a pure wheat and very rich in essential nutrients.

Nutritionists have noticed their multiple benefits, and there are many who already recommend its use, even the World Health Organization has done so. The kamut bread it is a clear example of the boom of this type of cereal.

Pan properties of kamut

What is kamut bread?

As explained above, the kamut is a cereal that, due to its antiquity and purity, today retains all its original nutrients. Its genetics have not been altered during all these years, so it makes this cereal superior in quality than the rest of common wheat.

But What is kamut bread?

This type of bread has characteristics that differentiate it from the rest. It is made with a very slow fermentation, this allows a toasted crust to be created and the crumb to be more tender and acquire a slight golden hue.

Something very characteristic of this type of bread that differentiates it from the rest is its flavor, having a high amount of nutrients of the type of carbohydrates, you can intuit when you taste a certain sweet taste that many even subtly remind them of butter.

As for its elaboration, the main ingredients are the simplest. Kamut bread is made with a 100% kamut cereal flour, sourdough, water, and a small pinch of salt.

Properties and health benefits:

The kamut acts as antioxidant that helps fight aging, since it has a high content of vitamin E, zinc and selenium.

This cereal also has a strong component that gives energy, it is rich in Omega 6, this nutrient is especially necessary in people who have a very active life, as well as athletes or children. Having not had any modification, it has a level of carbohydrates that many of the common breads do not reach.

Kamut bread

The kamut bread it also has a high content in vitamin B, this makes it an excellent food to improve the health of the skin and nails, it can even help strengthen the nervous system.

Contrary to what is usually thought of the different types of bread, in this case the kamut bread helps to reduce elevated cholesterol levels, as well as blood sugar.

This is a good alternative for Diabetics, whose carbohydrate intake should be controlled if they do not want the amount of sugar in the blood to be too high. It is also a good alternative for those people who suffer from hypertension, since hardly any salt is used in its preparation.

His high potassium content, 202 mg per 100 grams, further enhances its benefits for the body.

If all these above benefits still seem little, kamut bread has a strong satiating component, due to its high fiber content helps us control appetite. With a slice we can be satiated.


Does kamut bread fatten?

Kamut bread stands out for its elaboration and the purity of this cereal, it has multiple health benefits, so many, that even the WHO recommends increasing its consumption. All these positive points are very attractive, but the idea that having a high amount of carbohydrates makes you fatter more, does not sound very suggestive.

This cereal, like anything that is ingested in excess, evidently fattens. Although kamut has a determining factor that will make you fats less, due to its high fiber content favors digestion, in addition the idea that it is very satiating will reduce its consumption.

In conclusion, kamut bread is less fattening than an ordinary bread because of the idea that we will always be satiated with less, while with a conventional type of bread we would need little less than half a bar to be completely satiated.

Kamut flour

Does kamut bread contain gluten?

This is one of the problems to which a celiac is facing when talking about carbohydrates. It should be clarified that all wheat derivatives will contain wheat. Unfortunately, kamut bread contains gluten since it belongs to the family of this cereal.

It is important to keep in mind that if what you are looking for is a gluten-free diet thinking that you are going to lose weight, when you are not really celiac, you are not going to get any change in health for the better. Whether or not it contains gluten is only relevant for intolerance purposes.

Places where you can buy kamut flour

Previously, it was difficult to find in supermarkets a variety of flours or pastas that were not conventional wheat, or at most cornstarch.

Today, on any more or less large surface there is a wide range of options, and among them the kamut. If in the but of the cases is not in any shelf of the supermarket, the best option will be to go to a eco-friendly shop or failing that, to a herbalist’ shop.

The other option is to buy the bread already made, it will be a much more expensive alternative than buying only the cereal.

As for its price, it may sound exorbitant, a loaf of a common size can cost about € 10 in any supermarket.

In conclusion, the bread of kamut not cheap, but this price is due to its high quality and all the benefits we can find in it. It is worth it even if it is to try it.

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