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Properties of organic silicon

The importance of minerals for the human being is a knowledge to which attention has been paid since ancient times. But it is from modern medicine that we know with greater specifications its properties.

The most important natural sources of minerals we know today are rivers, lakes, and springs. Water gushing from the earth or descending from the mountains is loaded on its way with protein-rich minerals and other health benefits.

In water and also in certain plants it is possible to find silicates. This is one of the most sought after and sought-after minerals for its rich properties for the human body.

From the silicates can be synthesized the organic silicon. This is clearly a mineral with many very important properties that provide benefits for the human body and for the treatment of different discomforts.

In turn, in a more advanced step, laboratories have been able to synthesize the organic G5 silicon, based on the same natural mineral, but purified for the assimilation and better reception of the human body.

What is organic G5 silicon?

Fifth-generation organic silicon is the best result that can be obtained from the purification of silicates that we find in a natural state.

Its objective is to rescue from the mineral only those attributes that are healthy and therapeutic for the human body, leaving aside oxidants and other substances that are common to all organic and natural elements, but that are not conducive to the human body.

Properties of organic silicon

Organic silicon has many useful functions for cosmetics and products related to skin health. But, in addition, it is an indispensable component for the implementation of very important treatment in high-risk diseases and treatment in diseases of old age.

Properties of organic silicon What is it for?

The main property that makes silicon important in medical understanding is the ability to produce more lymphocytes for the immune system and thus improve the biological function of phagocytosis.

Thanks to the ability of this mineral to strengthen the immune system, we find its use in many products and treatments.

From the skin health, we can find the use of natural silicon for flaccidity. Where the skin is deteriorated and with a lack of tension, the properties of silicon allow a remarkable recovery.

Another very important utility is in diseases of old age and the use of organic silicon for osteoarthritis. The mineral has a very conducive effect to balance deficiencies in the blood, it also accelerates the repair of tissues, bone breaks or wounds on the surface of the skin.

Its ability to purify the blood has shown important results in cholesterol control and against hypertension. These types of studies have increasing relevance and value today.

Food contains natural silicon, mainly fruits and vegetables, and all those that are considered leafy green and more. Include foods such as carrots, peas, rice, oats, green grapes with skin, spinach, lettuce, Bananas, cucumber, and spices like cilantro can be a very efficient alternative to incorporating silicon into the body.

Products containing silicon of organic origin

How to take silicon of organic origin?

Ways in which organic silicon can be taken:

  • Through the intake of foods rich in this mineral.
  • In skin creams based mainly on this mineral.
  • Many bone-related treatments use injectables of drugs based primarily on silicon.
  • In addition to creams, we can find liquids based on this mineral for application on the skin, common in performing “lifting” treatments.
  • We can also find food supplements that contain it. These supplements come in the form of syrup.
  • In capsules, often produced from vegetables.
  • In spray format with similar functions to creams and liquids for the skin.

Include this mineral from food it can be an excellent attitude to prevent all kinds of common diseases of old age, in addition to keeping the body healthy.

For more effective results, there are products and medicines that have used silicon as the main resource for well-being and to effectively solve our health problems.

Treatments such as mesotherapy Aesthetics have a wide demand for products of this type.

Buy organic type silicon

There are several very popular products that we can find in the main stores and pharmacies based on silicon of organic origin.

A well-known product is from the Silamax brand, and is a liquid food supplement based entirely on organic silicon as a component. It can be purchased in 1000ml containers in the form of syrup.

Regarding tablets or capsules, one of the best known and purchased products on the market are Ana María Lajusticia tablets. These tablets also concentrate magnesium and calcium. It is a product specially designed for joints and bones.

Another very popular brand in which we can find both liquids and creams is Silicium, with products based on silicon whose origin is organic. It is a reference brand in this mineral.

It is common for many products, mainly the food supplements, in addition to providing organic silicon also provide zinc, magnesium and calcium, all with very important properties to strengthen health, bones, skin, blood and nervous system.

Contraindications of silicon

While the value of the organic silicon for the human body is completely demonstrated and in constant use, there are certain aspects that we can take into account to avoid its misuse.

In the case of people with diabetes, some products based on organic silicon may have the effect of lowering sugar levels. In case of doubt, it is very important to make the medical consultation.

Organically sourced silicon as a medicine can produce diuretic effects. In these cases it is recommended not to consume this type of products along with other medications that have diuretic purposes as well.

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