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Top foods with vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that the body acquires through food and is vital to preserve in good condition the sight, the immune system and the ability to reproduce. In turn, it provides benefits for the kidneys, lungs and heart, among other organs.

The foods with vitamin A it is divided into two groups: those who have preformed vitamin A, which is acquired through meats, fish and milk products, and provitamin A, which is obtained through fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

This vitamin serves for the optimal development of bones, teeth, skin, mucosa and white tissues. It helps prevent infectious diseases, especially those of the respiratory system and also pathologies such as measles.

In turn, it is key during the a woman’s pregnancy, since it favors the changes that occur in the cells during the female reproductive cycle. In men, they stimulate the creation of sperm.

What happens when we suffer its lack?

The deficiency of this vitamin Key can not only happen by not eating foods with vitamin A, but also by excessive consumption of them. Drinking alcohol in large quantities is another reason that can also lead to its deficiency, as well as dietary problems and lack of iron.

Do not buy and consume foods rich in vitamin A it has repercussions in several ways. The first evidence is night blindness, as it affects the production of pigments that the eye needs. It is the leading cause of blindness in children in developing or third world countries.

Another consequence of this deficiency is the decrease in the body’s ability to fight infections. The body is thus totally unprotected and incubated diseases can become deadly.

Not buying food with vitamin A can affect the growth of a child or adolescent, affecting their bones and preventing them from developing their body normally.

Smokers can be caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, popularly known as COPD, which can become acute bronchitis (prolonged cough with mucus) or emphysema, which involves prolonged damage to the lungs.

Vitamin A for hair

The purchase, and, therefore, regular consumption of foods loaded with vitamin A, stimulates the production of sebum, which is what makes the hair hydrated and silky. Otherwise, hair loss may begin to occur and an increase in hair dryness may appear. Among the foods with vitamin A are eggs, carrots and beets, among others.

For strong and healthy hair, it is important to wear a mask made from one of these foods, at least two or three times a month. The egg is essential, since it can be combined with other elements, such as olive oil, honey or avocado.

The mask can be done at home, in a very simple way. For example, you can make it only with one egg. You beat it for five minutes in a bowl and then spread it through your hair and scalp. You let it sit for about thirty minutes, rinse it with shampoo and end of the process.

Foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A for the skin

When vitamin A – also called retinol – penetrates the skin, it becomes its most active representation, called retinoid acid. Strengthens cell regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin of the skin fibers. One of its most outstanding functions is that it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, it improves the tone of the skin, its texture, reduces imperfections, and helps improve the problem of acne and dark spots.

In the use of these products, it is essential to see what type of skin each one has. There are cosmetic products with vitamin A made for use on all types of skin. It is essential to consult a specialist so that the effects are as desired.

Dermatologists recommend starting to use this type of cosmetics from the age of twenty and in low doses. They maintain that the best time to apply it is at night, before sleeping, with clean and dry skin. What’s more, during the day it is not time to use this type of product because sunlight causes it to lose its effectiveness. The first results will appear within a month of starting to use retinol in the skin.

Foods with vitamin A

One balanced diet it is one that contemplates the consumption of all the essential vitamins for a healthy life. When it comes to foods that contain vitamin A, there are several essentials that we need to digest.

Eat liver (for non-vegetarians) and its derivatives is essential, since one of the largest foods with the highest amount of vitamin A. One serving far exceeds the amount we need per day, a number ranging from 600 to 800 micrograms. The meat can be pork, beef or cow.

As far as vegetables and vegetables, the carrot stands out as one of the most retinol has for its beta-carotene content. It provides just over 1000 micrograms per 100 grams. Spinach is a healthy food that you should buy, since it is highly valued in a diet because it also has a high value of vitamin A in its composition.

Foods containing vitamin A

The sweet potato and the tomato they are foods with good contributions of this fundamental vitamin and that also have the advantage that they can be ingested in several popular dishes, so their introduction to a diet is very simple.

In the dairy family and derivatives, the menu is also extensive. Incredibly, butter is one of the healthiest foods in this field, with a contribution of 800 micrograms per 100 grams. Cured cheese also stands out because it contains fats, which makes it have a good amount of vitamin A.

Finally, in fish and mollusks, foods such as eel, conger eel and clams appear that add important and indispensable amounts of retinol for an adequate diet. There are, as we see, meat, vegetables, fish and dairy to carry out a well-balanced diet and not lack foods with vitamin A really essential to live.

Food Concentration % Recommended Daily
Turkey liver 75.333 IU 1507 %CDR
Carrots 10,191 IU 204 %CDR
Sweet potato 21,909 IU 438 %CoR
Whole milk 395 IU 8 %CDR
Pumpkin 22,868 IU 457 %CdR
Melon 5,986 IU 120 %CDR
Tomatoes 1,025 IU 20 %CDR
Spinach 2,464 IU 49 %RDA
Red peppers 3726 IU 75 %COR
Paprika 3448 IU 69 %CDR

Vitamin supplements

For sensitive people who cannot complete their vitamin needs, the consumption of supplements with the specific groups.

The most common form of presentation is by tablets, containing pure extracts of different groups of vitamins that can be taken during breakfast, lunch or dinner without major problems.

For vegetarians, there are options that do not contain any meat extract and come from vegetable products (fruits and vegetables).

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