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Top Properties of Carrot – Health

Carrot is a vegetable that is consumed practically all over the world. Since we are small we are told that it is an indispensable factor to have a good view throughout life. This is true, but, in addition to the visual aspect, below, we will discover others properties of carrot.

The carrot plant

The first consideration is that the carrot plant is grown in cold climates and also in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a species that was born centuries ago in Asia, a territory that even today remains the largest producer of this popular vegetable, followed by Europe and the United States.

Nutritional composition

It is composed of several prominent nutrients, such as vitamin A and carotenoids, the latter usually applied in natural pigments. In addition, the properties of carrot have a source of important minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

And if all this were not enough, the carrot also has vitamins B3, vitamin E and K. It is, as we see, an indispensable food for a healthy diet.

When it is said that buying and eating carrot does very well to the eye it is because it contains, as we detailed above, vitamin A, also known as retinol, which is what helps to have a good functioning in the human retina.

At the time of consumption, the main advantage of buying carrot is that it can be eaten raw, boiled, cooked and even liquefied. It can be part of a great salad or be a complement to more than one main dish, so the range of possibilities to integrate the vegetable into a daily diet is enormous.

The carrot is food with a large percentage of water in its composition, which makes it a great contributor of fiber. This contribution is essential because it helps fight constipation and stomach pain due to intoxication.

Precisely, by having a lot of water in its composition, the carrot increases the secretion and excretion of urine, which helps the disintegration of kidney stones.

Thanks to sodium, potassium, chlorine and vitamins it is of great help to calm gastric discomfort and acidity. If a person suffers from gastritis, carrot is the most recommended food by doctors.

In addition, being abundant in phosphorus and potassium, it is an ideal element for exhausted minds that need an energy revitalization.

Finally, it is important to note that the World Health Organization (WHO) points to the carrot as part of the food group with “promising effects” for the prevention of some types of cancer, such as breast, pancreas and lung.

Properties of carrot vegetable

Properties of carrot

Carrot to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, acquiring carrots is ideal for several reasons. First, because it has a lot of fiber, something elementary when losing weight. In turn, the vegetable has a lot of water and few fats and calories. Nutritionists define it as a thermogenic food, which means that you burn calories just by ingesting it.

Another outstanding feature of buying carrots is that it has a very low glycemic index, allowing for quick results if a commensurate diet is maintained. It would be ideal to accompany the vegetable with foods of similar characteristics.

It is important not to make a diet based purely and exclusively on carrots because, despite being very healthy, they do not have all the necessary nutrients to have good health. Yes, take it into account for at least one of the four traditional meals.

Properties of carrot for hair

In addition to the outstanding properties of the carrot to maintain a healthy organism and be a fundamental food in the diet of a person, the carrot is a very good element to prevent hair loss and keep it, in addition, healthy, strong and shiny.

One carrot mask, it is very easy to prepare. You will only need a vegetable that you will mix with a banana and half a tablespoon of honey. As we can see, they are all everyday elements in our life.

Before applying, wet your hair and then yes, spread the mask all over your hair, leaving it at rest for about twenty minutes and then rinsing it off with your traditional shampoo.

The benefits of carrot for your hair is multiple when you acquire them. The vitamins A and C provided by the carrot are key to nourish and prevent hair loss.

In front of a damaged hair for climatic reasons (excessive exposure to the sun, high humidity, etc.), the minerals of the carrot provide shine and help the hair grow stronger, thus gaining more flexibility.

Finally, getting this type of vegetable not only prevents hair loss, but, as if that were not enough, stimulates its growth. The vitamins in the vegetable increase blood circulation in the scalp, accelerating the hair growth process.

Recommended recipes with carrot

Recipes with carrot

Initially, the carrot was used only for some salads. Over time, as the great and healthy ones were discovered properties of carrot, began to appear more frequently in the different meals of the day.

At present, the vegetable appears as an alternative in menus of the four daily meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner).

As a main course, we usually use it for a salad, since it complements very well with egg and olive oil. Also the typical one with lettuce and tomato can have a little of this polyfunctional vegetable. It is also used as one of the main ingredients of vegetable cakes, with zucchini and pepper, as a good option.

The carrot is a good complementary element as well. It can be cut into slices to accompany a piece of meat or chicken. It can also appear in a good winter hot soup.

Another way to use it is in the style of chips, but in this case baked, to snack with some vermouth or beer in the middle of the afternoon. Finally, a carrot smoothie as part of breakfast or snack is another good option to incorporate this food into the daily diet.

As we can see, the options to incorporate the carrot into our diet are many. Considering the properties of the carrot and functions, it is an indispensable food that you should buy. Plus, it fits perfectly into any meal of the day.

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