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Benefits of Rosemary Infusion

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Rosemary is one of the most popular aromatic shrubs in the Mediterranean region and is scientifically known as Rosmarinus officinalis. It is a species that blooms during spring and autumn. It is typical of dry and sandy soils, being very common in gardens and hedges.

Among the properties of the rosemary infusion highlights its medicinal, depurative, stimulating, antispasmodic, flavoring, antioxidant action and, in addition, multiple applications in culinary preparations and beauty treatments.

In this article we want to review the main functionalities offered by rosemary infusion.

How to prepare rosemary infusion

To make rosemary infusion, 10 grams of leaves and flowers are used for each liter of water. The infusion is prepared by heating the water to the boiling point, precisely at which time it is removed from the heat, the flowers and leaves are added, and stored.

The preservation of volatile essential oils is of great importance for infusions. The degree of efficiency or potency of an infusion increases, especially when it is capped, thus avoiding the loss of volatile oils during its preparation.

Rosemary flowers concentrate the largest amount of active ingredients of the plant. This is why it is recommended, the use of the flower in the preparation of infusions of this species.

Applications of rosemary infusion

Rosemary preparations are widely used as natural antibiotics for respiratory infections, such as bronchitis and cough, and vaginal infections, such as candidiasis.

The benefits of rosemary infusion are reflected in treatments for abdominal bloating, digestive problems and stimulation of blood circulation. In addition, its anti-inflammatory benefits act as an excellent ally against hemorrhoids.

Rosemary infusions are used in rejuvenating treatments, due to their high antioxidant content.

They are used in the treatment of brittle and brittle nails, in the repair and stimulation of hair growth.

The continuous use of the infusion of this aromatic shrub, benefits in a supplementary way, in the treatment of aggressive diseases, such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Rosemary infusion to lose weight

It is well known the use of rosemary, as a flavoring in the preparation of vinaigrettes and oils, which combines perfectly with lamb meats. But you can also use the infusion of rosemary to lose weight.

Rosemary infusions are recommended to accompany a healthy diet, perform physical exercises and eat balanced portions of food.

These infusions help in the activation of metabolism. It must be remembered that a slow metabolism is a cause of soprepeso.

The control of anxiety is another factor that we must take into account to lose weight. Rosemary is a natural relaxant, which helps combat this type of emotions, capable of causing eating disorders.

Good digestion is critical for weight loss. The discomfort caused by flatulence and abdominal pain, does not allow the body to perform digestion properly.

The carminative properties of rosemary help control all kinds of digestive discomfort.

Toned and radiant skin

Among the most common uses of this aromatic species, is the infusion of rosemary for the skin.

Its antioxidant properties and rich concentrations of iron, zinc and magnesium, make it a favorite for beauty treatments.

Constantly applying massages to the skin, with a cream enriched with rosemary infusion, will bring benefits such as:

  • Toning
  • Attenuation of expression lines
  • Natural elasticity
  • Decrease in the size of scars and stretch marks

The deep hydration of infusion into the skin and essential fatty acids, have an anti-aging and regenerating effect.

The results are not obtained quickly, but perseverance in this type of treatment is the key to success.

A healthy and smooth skin is possible thanks to the application of a natural treatment based on rosemary.

Rosemary for hair

Wearing a healthy and beautiful hair is very easy with the application of this medicinal plant. The problems associated with hair loss, brittle ends and stopped growth, are treatable with the use of rosemary infusions.

Among the components of rosemary, there is the ursolic acid, which is ideal to enhance the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Blood stimulation with gentle massages, using this type of infusion on the scalp, will strengthen its growth.

The reduction of gray hair, the repairing effect of tips and the prevention of hair loss, are part of the benefits of the application of rosemary infusion for hair.

Applying the treatment is simple and can be done in 2 ways. The first is to moisten all the hair with the infusion at room temperature. Then massage and leave on for 20 minutes. Subsequently, rinse very well.

The other way is to spray the rosemary infusion on the ends and roots of the hair (previously washed) and comb without removing the preparation.

Rosemary and ginger, the perfect combination

Rosemary and ginger are two natural species with digestive properties, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic very powerful.

The infusion of both plants, is prepared by boiling water and adding rosemary leaves and flowers and fresh ginger rhizomes.

Ginger alone, in addition to being a star flavoring of Asian food, is used for its benefits in intestinal treatments, as well as antibiotic and antiseptic in other ailments.

The infusion of rosemary and ginger is used for its calorific value during fever, because it produces sweating, being very useful for colds and coughs.

Also, this plant is rich in antioxidants, which delay the aging process.

To relieve feelings of nausea or vomiting, it is recommended to drink a rosemary and ginger tea.

As a treatment for bad breath and as a stabilizer of the intestinal flora, the intake of this infusion is also very popular.

Importance of Rosemary Infusions

Undoubtedly, rosemary infusions provide great benefits for health and beauty. It is a natural species, which can be grown in a small garden at home and easily prepared.

Rosemary is a natural ally with excellent medicinal properties. Its frequent and controlled use can help considerably mitigate some conditions and definitively treat others.

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