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Properties of Marijuana Infusion

At present, there are several ways to use cannabis. For recreational use, the vast majority of people smoke it or ingest it in some food (such as, for example, in the brownie). For its part, it is no longer news, that more and more people use medical marijuana, especially the oil of the plant, to treat various pains or diseases.

In this sense, cannabis tea is one of the least known ways to ingest this popular herb. But, it is a good way to consume in fair amounts, both for those who use it in their free time, and for those who suffer from some discomfort.

On the one hand, for those recreational consumers, the marijuana infusion It is ideal, to obtain the desired effects without the risks, that if it can suppose to smoke it in high doses.

On the other, it is another of the excellent ways to supply the necessary doses to patients with diseases, who need the effects of marijuana, to calm and reduce a certain pain.

In short, the properties of marijuana in infusion are very important and that is why they can provide multiple benefits to the body.

Benefits of Taking Marijuana Infusion

Apart from the taste and pleasure that can give us to drink this tea, there are many contributions that the cannabis infusion, can give to our body.

It is essential to know the benefits of taking marijuana infusion, since it can mean a notable improvement for our body or that of a friend or family member.

Pain relief

Like what happens with oil, the infusion of marijuana is very useful to relieve all kinds of pain. Especially, it is a great ally for bone and headache pain.

It is that its active components bind to the receptors found in the central nervous system and that is why they can block pain in an extremely effective way.

This makes cannabis a powerful analgesic, to treat symptoms caused by the passage of time, such as arthritis, muscle aches and other diseases uncomfortable for the body.

As for the infusion of marijuana side effects, the particularity of using this herb to relieve pain in the body, is that it does not bring adversities for the user, which can originate other medicines.

Logically, using the infusion in recommended doses. In case of excessive use, it can produce adverse effects on the body, as would happen with any other medicine.

Marijuana infusion for headache, it can be highly effective, regardless of the intensity of the discomfort.

Additionally, the infusion of marijuana for bone pain is also very effective and relaxing.

In short, cannabis tea can really be very effective, as a medicine to treat various pains.

By not smoking or vaping, the effects of this infusion have a longer duration, thus allowing the benefits on the body to last much longer.

Infusion of marijuana or cannabis

Digestive health

When a person smokes this herb, the active components go directly to the brain and that is why the effects are felt immediately.

But, in addition to the brain, marijuana spreads throughout the body, through endocannabinoid receptors, including, of course, the digestive system.

By drinking cannabis tea, these active components provide quick relief from many digestive problems, such as cramps, diarrhea or constipation.

On the other hand, the infusion of marijuana serves to lose weight, so it is also very useful to lose those extra kilos.

Anti-inflammatory properties

In addition to being a effective analgesic and a good ally for normal digestion, cannabis also demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties.

This feature makes it very suitable, to treat diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

When we have such a problem, it is because our immune system is failing. For this reason, the cells of the body attack and inflammations occur.

Marijuana is a great ally to counterattack these cells, which produce this type of injury and therefore, it is a very good anti-inflamatory.

Marijuana Infusion May Prevent Cognitive Decline

One of the latest research on the marijuana plant, showed that the main psychoactive component of cannabis (the THC), blocks the type of protein, which plays a fundamental role in the onset of Alzheimer’s.

While these studies are still preliminary and were conducted on animals, these results have brought much hope that marijuana may be one of the definitive solutions to counteract this disease related to memory loss.

Helps in mood disorders

Mood disorders (anxiety or depression, for example) have several underlying causes.

Sometimes, these well-known discomforts are the product of disorders in physical factors, such as neuronal inflammation.

The ability of cannabis to produce a stress relief, makes it a more than viable option, to treat these disorders.

In this sense, the infusion of marijuana is ideal for those people prone to suffer from anxiety, since it causes a softer and less psychoactive “high” than when smoking.

In short, those who suffer from a lot of anxiety, recommend the infusion over the cigarette, because it has a lower amount of THC.

How to prepare marijuana infusion

The cannabis infusion brings multiple benefits to the body. Therefore, it is key to know how to elaborate it.

Preparing an infusion of marijuana leaves is not a great difficulty. The simplest way to make tea is to take some buds from the plant and cook them a little with butter or oil, at a very low temperature, for about 30 minutes.

In addition to the buds, you can also use the leaves or stems, especially if you want a “less potent” tea.

It is that, the greater the amount of buds, the stronger the infusion will be. For this reason, if the person is not a regular consumer of this herb, it is best not to make it with many buds.

Precisely, when it comes to the dose of marijuana to use in cooking, finding the ideal one for your body, can take some trials.

Specialists maintain that those people who have never consumed it, start with small amounts (about 125 ml per day, approximately).

Otherwise, those who are regular or semi-regulatory users, a standard starting dose is around 250 ml daily.

In these cases, if the effect is not as expected or a stronger infusion is needed, it can be tested with about 500 ml each day.

In conclusion, the properties of marijuana infusion can be very beneficial for health, especially for those who need this plant, to carry out a certain medical treatment.

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