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Creams for varicose veins: how to prevent their formation

Cream for varicose veins with horse chestnut


Creams for varicose veins

With age, the veins located in the lower train (the legs) may lose resistance. This, added to a general worsening of blood circulation, can cause the formation of varicose veins or varicose veins.

Faced with this, there are a number of tips on how to prevent their formation, as well as the recommendation of what types of creams for varicose veins to use.

What are varicose veins?

They are known as varicose veins or varicose veins, when the veins located in the legs become inflamed, increase in size and fill with excess blood. They have a bluish or purple appearance and can become very painful depending on where they are located.

This problem is well known in women (much more than in men), since it is estimated that 25% of the female population suffers from it.

Visual symptoms

The main symptoms of varicose veins is the deformation of the veins located in the legs, becoming very visible and identifiable.

When inflamed, they can cause a feeling of pain or heaviness and in extreme cases, they can bleed and ulcers form.

Age, lack of physical activity or spending a lot of time standing or sitting (due to gravity), facilitates the deformation of these veins, whose blood is difficult to return and undesirable accumulations occur.

Comparison of creams for varicose veins

Cream for varicose veins Y.F.M

Varicose varicose vein cream

The operation of this cream for use only on the skin is based on improving blood circulation through the extracts of cinnamon plants, dangshen (Codonopsis pilosula), caulis spatholobi, burdock, honeysuckle, etc.

These medicinal plants have been shown in clinical trials to facilitate venous contraction and dilation, improving blood flow. Burdock, for example, has an anticoagulant effect that prevents the enlargement of small veins, preventing the development of new varicose veins.

As for the opinion of those who have already used it, the results have been positive in reducing the size of smaller veins, eliminating the feeling of heaviness and swelling of the legs, as well as pain. It is usually applied several times a day (2 to 3 times).

Question: to someone has disappeared varicose veins or only relieves symptoms?

Answer: I have started to use this cream and in addition to relieving almost immediately it seems that the veins become less fat. But the tube is very small and I will buy more to be able to see the effect after 1 month. At the moment 1 tube per week and I have bought 2.

Verified purchase review: I have a circulation problem in one of my legs, with the veins very marked and I bought this cream to see how I was doing. When I opened the box the first thing I thought was that the boat was very small, although when applying the cream the first time I already understood that it would last me a lot, and that is that for an area of about 5 square cm, I use the amount similar to a grain of rice. The product is applied perfectly, the cream smells good and does not leave the area stained after application. I have been applying it 8 days, twice a day, with a light massage of a couple of minutes in the area, and the second day I already disappeared the itching that I had been dragging for a while. Happy for the moment with the result.


Varicose vein cream with horse chestnut

Horse chestnut extract has been scientifically proven to be positive against chronic venous insufficiency. This is due to a compound present in the tree known as escin, which promotes an improvement in venous blood circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation in the legs. [See study]

In studies, it has been seen how this substance acts by reinforcing the venous elastic force, reducing the release of enzymes that affect blood vessels. Horse chestnut can be taken orally from its seeds, but they have to be pre-treated to prevent them from being poisonous.

On the skin, the affected area must be massaged until the total absorption of the cream occurs.

Ca can be appliedgives 12 hours, increasing or reducing the dose until you notice a difference. As we have been commenting throughout the article, will not eliminate varicose veins, it will only offer symptoms of improvement and prevent them from getting worse or painful.

In general, verified buyers highlight its good smell and easy absorption applied to the skin. In the comments they mention a reduction in the heaviness of the legs, less inflammation and redness of the affected area.


Greenway Varicose Vein Cream – 7 extracts of medicinal plants

Varicose vein cream with cannabis oil

The mixture of different essential oils (4 in this case) from 7 medicinal plants can offer an improving effect on blood circulation, something highly valued in the face of a problem of varicose veins and fluid retention.

Ingredients used: extra virgin olive oil, cannabis sativa oil, carnauba wax, mullein, yarrow, rusco, red vine, plantain, ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, lavender, rosemary, lemon and cypress essential oils.

As you can see, it contains horse chestnut, the effect of which we have discussed above. Ginkgo biloba has a cardioprotective effect and increases blood flow thanks to an increase in the production of nitric oxide (+12% according to scientific studies). In turn, it also causes a dilating effect on the blood vessels, avoiding a feeling of heaviness, inflammation or blood retention. [See study]


Varikosette varicose vein cream

Varikosette Varicose Vein Reducing Cream

Although in the formulation of the product it does not declare which active plant ingredients it uses (it is part of its patent), they are focused on improving blood circulation and venous return flow. This allows a reduction in the feeling of heaviness (associated with increased accumulation and retention of blood), redness and swelling.

It is advisable to apply several times a day, especially before sitting or standing for a long period of time. Night applications, before sleeping, are very interesting because it is the time when we spend more time with our legs raised, with a greater venous return.

No product manages to disappear varicose veins, but it does reduce the flow, the feeling of discomfort or redness, so visually it may seem that the smaller veins have been removed. However, an improvement in the sensation of tingling, discomfort and pain is achieved.


How do varicose vein creams work?

Before receiving any positive or negative opinion of the use of varicose vein creams, it should be borne in mind that non-invasive treatments will not eliminate the problem. However, it is very important to prevent them from going further.

The use of preventive creams of varicose veins do not replace the tips of a healthy life that we discuss throughout this article, but it is one more means of defense against the degeneration of the veins (large or small) in the lower train.

The operation Of the creams against varicose veins is based on using extracts of medicinal plants or substances that promote blood circulation. This, in traditional medicine is known as venotonic effect. That is, it produces the contraction and dilation of the veins or arteries, increasing blood flow and reducing the dreaded fluid retention.

Many of these products contain flavonoids and antioxidant polyphenols. In general, we seek to strengthen the venous walls to prevent them from swelling, acquiring those purple tones or even producing bleeding or ulcers.

How to prevent the formation of varicose veins (varicose veins)

Creams against varicose veins and prevention

Varicose veins can form for different reasons. The causes of this problem can be due to age and the passage of time, also by background in the family, statistically for being a woman, during the stage of pregnancy, suffering from obesity or having little activity and spending a lot of time sitting or standing without movement.

Many of these factors can be avoided and others cannot (family history or age) However, can we do anything to reduce the other causes?

Before the appearance of the probmotto, the use of creams for varicose veins they can help in terms of preventing varicose veins from getting worse. From here, we must consider modifying our lifestyle to avoid the formation of new ones.

Therefore, we want to give you some tips.

Healthy lifestyle

Undoubtedly, physical activity together with a good diet favor the reduction of the formation of varicose veins. Although varicose vein creams can help, there is no better treatment than prevention.

One of the factors that cause this problem is obesity, linked to an excess of cholesterol that can clog arteries and hinder the passage of blood flow.

In addition, a diet low in sodium, rich in potassium and fiber, will improve the functionality of the circulatory system. It will also be necessary to take into account the daily hydration, drinking the recommended amount of water daily.

Improving cardiac activity with cardio exercises favors an improvement in the strength of driving blood through the heart, which means that blood retention in the legs, swellings and deformations do not form.

Moving frequently: avoiding standing or sitting for a long time

Both standing for a long time without moving or in a state of waiting, as well as spending a lot of time sitting in the office or driving, are risk factors for the appearance of varicose veins or varicose veins.

Being static for a long time generates a greater gravity gradient that increases the pressure to which the veins in our lower train are subjected.

In addition, it causes other problems such as swelling of the ankles, feet and inflammations in the joints.

Moving every so often (approximately every 30 minutes) activates blood circulation and reduces the blood pressure to which the veins are subjected, making it a factor in preventing the appearance of varicose veins.

The use of creams for varicose veins focused on the activation of blood flow can also help us achieve a similar effect, although physical activity is ideal.

In addition, during periods of rest in the chair, for example when we are in the office, we can make some movements that will help improve blood flow:

  • Stretch and bend your knees.
  • Turn your ankles.
  • Pretend to be sitting.
  • Elevate your legs, at least for periods of 10 to 15 minutes, several times a day.

Compression stockings

The compression of the lower train ensures that there are no areas where blood accumulates, favoring swelling of the joints and being able to generate pain.

Your doctor may prescribe special compression stockings depending on the degree of varicose veins you suffer, as there are different types: mild, strong or extra strong compression.

Minimally invasive varicose vein treatment options

Currently, there are quite a few novelties in the field of treatments against varicose varicose veins, so there are some interesting, minimally invasive options.

Endoscopic vein surgery– A tiny, illuminated endoscope is used that is inserted from a small incision with the aim of blocking a vein.

Intravenous ablation therapy: using heat and radiofrequency waves to reduce the size of a vein.

Sclerotherapy: a kind of liquid or foam is used that blocks the passage of a vein, usually large in size.

Microsclerotherapy: from liquid chemical injection to remove small veins.

Using one method or another to eliminate varicose veins will depend on the recommendations of the specialist, since it goes on a case-by-case basis.

Tips during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a risk factor for varicose veins, so some tips for the prevention or relief of existing varicose veins may be welcome.

Sleeping on the left side favors that the problem does not go further, since it reduces the pressure that the uterus can exert on the pelvic vein, located on the right side.


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