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Main benefits of kaolin clay

The origin of the white clay or kaolin as a therapeutic element it goes back to the very beginnings of humanity. It is an asset that has been present in all ancient medicines and that its use persists today.

Kaolinite is a white, fine and soft clay whose extract is completely natural. Currently, it remains in force for the same benefits it provided in the past, its value as a skin scrub, wound disinfectant and pain reliever wherever it is applied.

Its origin is first recognized in China, specifically from the Kaoling region, but at present natural sources have been detected all over the world, and their production has developed on a global scale. We can find several references in Europe.

White clay is currently used both in its purest and most natural state, as well as in different derivatives that can be obtained from its synthesis and the specific search for special properties for health.

Properties of white clay

The therapeutic properties of white clay are many and varied. The best known and popular for use is on the skin and as a very effective tool to combat acne as well as other impurities.

Benefits of kaolin for the skin

Among other properties of this clay we have:

  • Use as Shampoo and benefits on the scalp, with cleansing effects and removal of fat for the control of hair loss.
  • Effectiveness in removing the marks of psoriasis and dermatitis, even in very acute situations.
  • The combination with oils to reduce stretch marks, those natural in legs and thighs and also those that occur from pregnancy.
  • The use as a homemade toothpaste. Kaolin-based products for teeth whitening can be purchased.
  • There are ways to ingest clay to remove metal-related toxins from the digestive system.

The intake of clay is a well-known treatment in a specific case of intoxication. The mineral properties of clay are conducive to assimilating excess metals in the body and expelling them organically.

Kaolin has a very strong effect to prevent bacteria, so it can be very useful for healing wounds. During ancient times it was one of the favorite disinfectants.

In cases of rare skin diseases, such as crystal skin, hypersensitivity, or acute acne, treatments always contemplate the use of clay.

Regarding kaolin as a toothpaste, it is also usually used for the treatment of sensitive gums and for the healing of sores in the mouth, lips and tongue.

Clay is very rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium and silicon, and is a source of these minerals for the processing of many products and medicines.

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How to prepare a white clay mask?

The realization of a clay mask it can be a much simpler task than it appears. For this it is very important to have patience and pay outstanding attention to the process of preparation of the clay.

The first thing we need to do is dilute kaolin in water. The mixture should be made in an open container such as a bowl, without avoiding contact with air by closing the container.

The clay should be diluted in water until a dense and malleable paste is achieved, without lumps and without dust. When obtaining the homogeneous preparation we will start with the application of the clay on the face.

The clay application diluted on the face should be done with sanitized hands, adding movements and circular massages for the penetration of the paste into the skin. It is applied to the entire skin except the eyes and lips, limiting the contour of them.

We must let the clay rest and penetrate our face until it is completely dry. Upon reaching this state we will remove the mask with warm water and then finish cleaning the face with cold water.Properties of kaolin or white clay

Once the mask process has been carried out, it is important to take advantage of the skin situation to apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream for the skin, which also continues the exfoliating process pato obtain much more interesting results.

The results of applying a white clay mask can be perceived shortly after the process has been carried out. You can repeat the application of the mask routinely every three or four days, but it also has excellent results with a monthly application.

The mask not only has utility on the face, you can also repeat these steps on the legs and places of our body where we have marks, scars or stretch marks.

Possible contraindications of kaolin

The clay it is a natural substance of which not many harmful effects are known in its application on the skin. Even people with severe problems usually react favorably to the application of kaolin.

If a situation of skin irritation arises, it is important to know that the clay is quickly removed from the skin with water, it can be either warm or cold. In cases of serious health situations on the skin consult with the doctor before its application.

For treatments in which white clay is ingested as food to eradicate toxins from the blood and intestine, it is important to consult with the doctor, in addition to conducting appropriate studies before starting treatment.

Clay should not be ingested in front of any stomach problems, this is not how the treatment works. If you have other serious stomach problems, it is also not recommended to use kaolin as a toothpaste or inside the mouth for the relief of wounds and sores.

Another important indication is to avoid contact of clay in the eyes, either for partial application on scars or full application on masks. Avoid contact of clay in the eyes both in the application and in the removal of clay.

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