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What are the benefits of mindfulness?

The word Mindfulness can be translated by «full mind.” It is a therapeutic technique that has become fashionable in recent years and has its roots in Buddhist meditation.

Mindfulness is about concentrating attention in a way that tries to increase the awareness of the person at that moment.

The anxiety it can exhaust us mentally and has a real impact on our body. But performing a daily mindfulness guidelines can reduce anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness is all about pay attention to daily life and the things we usually stress about.

What you have to achieve with this technique is to lower the volume of your mind by relaxing the body in this way.

Practicing the benefits of mindfulness

Benefits of Mindfulness and important tips

Surely you already have all the tools necessary to practice it, let’s see ten tips to practice it you just have to focus on these guidelines to get it and you will begin to notice the benefits of mindfulness for yourself.

1. Set goals at the start of the day

To organize your day to day and see that you meet your goals, set goals to meet in the day, start with easy things and see increasing the difficulty.

You can start with proposing to go out every day to walk half an hour, and increase the time or propose to sit down to read to disconnect from the day.

2. Practice meditation

And you may wonder: How do I practice meditation?

Well, you simply have to find a space for yourself and open an application. There are many online applications and programs to get into a mental relaxation without having to spend the money attending classes and without taking much time.

And these meditation apps are fantastic for getting started in the world of mindfulness.

3. Draw or paint and unleash your imagination

It is proven that drawing or painting are activities that do May our mind rest, if you are not good at drawing or are stressed, you can currently print drawings on the internet to paint them or buy special books such as Mandalas.

How you practice mindfulness

4. Walk for no reason

Go outside to walk reduces anxiety to a large extent. Pay attention to what is happening around you, do not listen to music, focus on your environment.

Focus on the feeling of the wind against your skin, the smells around you. Keep the phone in your pocket, or if it can be at home much better.

Focus at all times on your senses and your environment. If you do not have the habit of walking start little by little, for example a walk around the block in which you live and you will begin to see results.

5. Wish other people happiness

This practice of the Google author Chade-Meng Tan, it will only take you 10 seconds a day.

Randomly throughout the day you want someone who is happy. You don’t have to tell the person directly, you just have to transmit your positive energy to someone.

This practice is on your mind. Practice it at work, in line at the supermarket, anywhere you go.

Say good morning, congratulate someone on an achievement or birthday, and if you find yourself upset with someone, wish him happiness mentally. If Mr. Meng has eight Nobel Peace Prize nominations, it will be because these practices work.

6. Look at the sky

When you go out to the street to throw away the garbage, to walk, or when you get home late, look up, contemplate the sky if it is day concentrate on it, if it is night look at the stars and breathe slowly deeply a couple of times, feel how the air reaches your stomach and expel it slowly.

Let the universe remind you that life is bigger than worries or the mail inbox.

7. Make a good cup of tea

The tea preparation in many cultures around the world, it is a highly respected practice. Focus on each step that has a cup dand tea until it reaches you.

The smell of the leaves when you pluck them, the water when you add the tea, the steam from the cup, feel the heat in your hands.

If you have time drink the tea without distractions concentrating on its flavor. If you do not like tea you can perform this practice with any infusion or a good coffee, focus on its aroma, and disconnect from the world.

Some proposals of infusions that we send you are the following:

8. Focus on one thing and not several at once

We are used to taking into account several things at once, and that is a big mistake for our health.

We must concentrate on perform our tasks one by one concentrating on each of them.

Set an alarm with the time it thinks it may take to perform that task and put your mindfulness on it.

Do not check the phone, do not look at social networks, do not browse the internet, that is, do not multitask, focus on what’s in front of you at that time until the alarm time sounds.

9. Leave your phone behind

Leave the phone in a room and forget about it while you are doing your daily activities such as eating, or when you go to the bathroom, or when you sit down to relax because you have already finished the daily work.

The phone will be in the same place and nothing is more important than your health.

10. Rest mentally when performing household chores

Enjoy doing household chores and relax for a moment.

Play music and dance While scrubbing dishes or the floor, focus on how soap slides down kitchen utensils or on the floor.

While you wait for the microwave to finish breathe slowly and focus on the breath until it stops. While folding clothes or irons imagine where you would like to be at that moment.

Start putting these 10 tips into practice and you will see that mindfulness can help you to improve the situations of anxiety and stress that we suffer daily and take their toll on us even if we do not realize it.


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