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What symptoms does alcohol allergy have?

Alcohol intolerance

One of the much more common reactions than allergy is intolerance, with much less serious consequences.  This problem is caused by having a problem with the digestion of alcohol. Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2) is the enzyme responsible for digesting it.

In the process, the conversion is performed in acetic acid, which occurs in the liver. Those people who suffer a modification of the gene that encodes ALDH2, reduces the activity of digestion alcohol in the body.

This is what happens, in much more cases, with lactose intolerance, but with other types of genes and enzymes (lactase) involved.

An alcoholic intolerance can cause the following symptoms which, as you can see, are much milder than in the case of alcohol allergy.

As published BMC Evolutionary Biology, modification of the gene encoding ALDH2 may be related to natural genetic improvement of rice in China, so this intolerance is much more common in Asian people.

Sulfite intolerance

Wine is a drink that usually includes yeasts and compounds added to clarify and improve its conservation, such as sulphites.

Some people have been diagnosed with sensitivity to this component, so they should avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages that have this component among their ingredients.

Fortunately, not all alcoholic beverages have it and it is perfectly clarified on the packaging, which must be specified.

In general, white wine is the drink that has more sulfites compared to red wine or even beer.

Histamine intolerance

The histamine is a chemical compound related to allergic processes. In fact, the drugs we take to relieve symptoms are considered antihistamines.

This component is found in different concentrations in fish, smoked meats, cheese and even in alcoholic beverages.

Those allergic to histamine can demonstrate allergy to alcohol, although not precisely because of this component.

A histamine intolerance is caused by a reduction in enzyme activity diamine oxidase (DAO), which works by breaking down histamine.

The symptoms of histamine use are very similar to those of a common allergic reaction (red skin, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Alcohol allergy and Hodgkin lymphoma

One pathology that helps diagnose Hodgkin lymphoma is the allergic reaction from alcohol consumption. This cancer affects the lymphatic system generating enlarged nodes that can become non-painful.

What has been documented is that after alcohol consumption, these nodes can become momentarily painful, but the scientific community has not yet been able to clarify why.

How to diagnose an alcohol allergy?

In any case, the mere presence of a symptomatology, however mild, after drinking alcohol, should be consulted with a medical specialist.

After carrying out tests, a distinction will be made between intolerance or allergy to alcohol, being as we have said much more common the first versus the second.

Intolerance limits the consumption of alcohol to a minimum, to avoid the discomfort that triggers its consumption. On the other hand, alcohol allergy strictly prohibits its consumption, since the consequences can become much more serious and a quick medical reaction will be needed.

How can alcohol allergy be treated?

There are no curative treatments for allergic processes, only ways to relieve symptoms. Among them, the best known is Methylprednisolone (Urbason), which is used to treat allergic disorders and other pathologies.

In addition, the group of medicines called antihistamines can also be used. Severe symptoms require medical intervention and even injections of adrenaline (epinephrine).

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