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10 Proven Benefits of Turmeric with Piperine

It is increasingly fashionable to consume all kinds of spices that have received medical approval and justification for the benefits that their use entails.

Therefore, we usually make recommendations for each of these products since they contain active materials and beneficial principles for the body.

Today it is the turn of turmeric and all its variants to complete it even more. This combination offers many advantages and has been studied in various clinical and scientific trials, so its use is more than supported.

Active compounds with medicinal properties

Turmeric is the protagonist of the famous curry used in Indian cuisine and other Asian countries. The combination and possibilities offered by the use of this product in gastronomy are almost endless. We can find thousands of recipes to use turmeric with piperine or any other variant.

One of the main compounds of turmeric is curcumin, which offers powerful anti-inflammatory effects and great potential as an antioxidant substance.

It is estimated that its presence in turmeric is around 3%, enough to guarantee benefits for the body.

Use of curcumin and piperine

Why join turmeric with piperine?

This is strange but at the same time fabulous combination has a very interesting purpose, and we are going to explain it to you below.

One of the main problems that the active substance curcumin has been its difficulty being absorbed into the bloodstream. That is why adding the outer layer of the pepper fruit, piperine, increases its absorption rate by almost 2000%. [See information]

Therefore, it is common to find supplements based on turmeric with piperine, guaranteeing its total absorption by the body into the bloodstream.

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Highly anti-inflammatory compounds

More and more is delving into the mechanisms of activation of inflammatory processes and their metabolic regulation.

The scientific community believes that chronic inflammation is closely related to most diseases of Western origin, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, metabolic syndrome, etc.

Therefore, the role of different natural compounds to combat of this type of chronic inflammation is being sought and studied.

This is where curcumin, considered a potent anti-inflammatory, comes into play. From what is currently known, it is able to match the effect of a multitude of anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the unwanted side effects. [See information]

From the medical point of view, the curcumin present in turmeric with piperine is able to block the molecule NF-kB, present in active cells and which is involved in the genes that cause inflammatory processes.

Therefore, we are talking about a substance of natural origin that is able to work at the cellular level, without altering other metabolic processes of the organism, with the advantages that this entails.

Large amount of antioxidant compounds

Turmeric and pepper

The presence of free radicals and oxidative complexes causes great disorders in the body and so-called premature aging.

Here come into play numerous antioxidants present in fruits, vegetables, and spices, as is the case with turmeric.

These molecules have the ability to reduce the activity of free radicals, so they greatly limit the ability to form carcinogenic or degenerative compounds.

Curcumin activity has been documented on the endothelial tissue of the heart, improving and strengthening the arterial walls and this muscle. That brings a multitude of benefits from the point of view of prevention of coronary heart disease.

Scientific studies have delved into the effect of turmeric and piperine in the prevention or reduction of cancer cells.

It has been shown how there is activity against this type of cells at the level of reproduction and favors the reduction of angiogenesis, which is the growth of blood vessels in tumors, being related to their ability to multiply and cause metastasis.

However, most of these studies have been carried out at the laboratory level, and it is necessary to delve deeper into the trials to establish conclusions at the medical level that allow the production of future drugs against cancer.

In short, a product full of advantages. Remember the importance of combining turmeric with piperine or pepper to promote the absorption of curcumin into the bloodstream.

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