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Medicinal uses of the Navel of Venus (Umbilicus rupestris)

Ornamental navel plant of Venus

The navel of Venus is a plant that can be found in the west and south of Mediterranean Europe. It can often be seen growing in the cracks of walls and rocks, and in the bark of trees; able to adapt to hot or cold climates.

Since ancient times, its medicinal properties were already known, which helped it to become a very precious plant when it comes to treating various ailments of our body. At present, it has lost its healing popularity, being displaced by formal medicine.

A plant called the navel of Venus

Also known as Navel, navel of Venus is a plant that adapts perfectly to places where there is abundant shade. It has the ability to make the most of the nutrients it can find in the places where it grows and develops.

It needs to grow in humid places in order to develop. If it loses moisture, it acquires an appearance of being dry, but recovers all its splendor and color, when the environment becomes conducive to performing all its functions in a normal way.

Venus navel is a plant that can be collected at any time of the year. However, it is best to do it in late spring for a better use of its properties if it is going to be used for medicinal purposes.

A plant is considered to have healing properties when one or more of its components is able to cure or alleviate ailments or diseases, being the case of Umbilicus rupestris that, although it has not been studied enough and its full potential is unknown, it is known that it can be used to treat certain ailments, with very positive results.

Apart from its medicinal uses, Venus navel can be grown as an ornamental plant. It is very easy to propagate through its seeds or can be propagated by the action of the wind or birds and its germination percentage is quite high.

Features of Umbilicus rupestris

Navel of Venus develops in warm areas, but which in turn needs shade and moisture to be able to develop. Its fleshy leaves are an intense green of rounded shape, with a cleft in the center similar to a navel, hence its name.

Its flowers are a greenish-yellow color, being able to acquire a pinkish color at the tips. They have a flared shape and grow in the form of spikes and reach a height of up to 50 centimeters. They usually occur between the months of April and May.

Its stem grows straight, is a light green color and reaches a height of approximately 15 centimeters. It begins its growth at the end of winter when all its leaves begin to emerge and at the end of spring, its flowering begins.

Navel properties of Venus

Although its effectiveness for the treatment of diseases is unknown for sure, it has been proven that it has important properties as an adjuvant to treat some ailments of the organism with quite satisfactory results.

It helps to avoid the increase of bacteria, so it is highly recommended to use it in the healing of wounds and burns. This plant is highly valued for its nutritional power and is very effective in the free radical scavenging. It is usually consumed in salads and to decorate different dishes.

This plant is characterized by having various healing properties among which stands out with greater notoriety, its ability to heal wounds, burns, ulcers and pimples. For the treatment of these skin conditions, it is enough to crush some clean leaves on the affected part.

The liquid obtained by crushing the leaves and stem in a mortar, is effective in treating pain in the ears, administering several times a day, until the disappearance of the pain is achieved. The liquid obtained by crushing the leaves along with the stem and mixing it with water serves as a diuretic, taken daily on an empty stomach.

The Greek physician Hippocrates, maintained that eating the leaves of this plant was very effective if you wanted to procreate male children, although this theory at present, has no scientific basis.

To treat hemorrhoids, it is recommended to take a few clean leaves and remove the skin that covers them and then place them directly.e in the affected part in the form of strips

The following compounds have been found in venus’ navel:

  • Trimethylamine
  • Vegetable waxes
  • Phytosterin
  • Isoquercitrin
  • Z and E-venusol
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals
  • Mucilage

It can be used as a healing, antiseptic, lenitive, liver protector, analgesic, diuretic, astringent, dermoprotective and vulnerary.

If you mix the leaves and navel roots of Venus with white wine and let it macerate for a week, it is very effective in combating dropsy (accumulation of fluid in any cavity of the body). For it to take effect, it must be taken before meals.

The leaves can be consumed cooked or raw in the quantities desired, taking into account that the flavor can vary according to the season in which it is collected, presenting a fairly mild and pleasant flavor in winter and early spring and stronger in summer, without becoming unpleasant.

Taken in juices made with the stems of the plant, it acts as a diuretic, breaks down kidney stones and helps release more sodium through the urine. Improves blood pressure

Contraindications of Navel of Venus

While it is true that the plant navel of Venus, is used for its healing benefits, should be used with caution especially at the time of consumption, since its chemical components have not been widely studied, so its consumption can have unwanted effects.

When perforation of the eardrum is suspected, the plant should not be used to relieve earaches, as it can cause damage to the inside of it.

If it is to be administered orally, the leaves must be freshly collected, that is, they must be fresh. It is not advisable to keep them inside or outside refrigerators or freezers for later consumption, as they decrease their healing properties.

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