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The herbalist at home with medicinal plants

The concept of herbalist refers to the use that we can give to the herbs and medicinal plants collected. It is no coincidence that traditional medicine returns with force, and even more so when it is supported, in many cases, by the scientific community.

Through the cultivation of medicinal plants we can make preparations of infusions and interesting skin applications to remedy mild problems, always taking into account the possible contraindications of these products and never leaving aside modern medicine.

The current century has allowed the concept of online herbalist, which brings together natural products of application and quick consumption, such as tablets, oils, direct infusions to prepare, etc.

What is an herbalist?

Do not confuse the term herbalist with herbarium, since the latter term refers to the conservation of medicinal plants for botanical or medicinal purposes. Although it is related to the first word, they are different.

An herbalist is the modernized word for what was formerly known as herbalistry, the shop where freshly collected or well-preserved medicinal herbs (such as some flowers or roots) were sold.

Currently, that concept has not disappeared, but it has been completely transformed. Now, an herbalist is a point of sale (physical or online) that sells ready-made preparations to be consumed directly. In it we find from mineral tablets (such as magnesium with collagen, Asian infusions, propolis, vitamin supplements, etc.).

What can we find in an herbalist?

Use of medicinal plants in an herbalist

The concept of selling dried flowers, branches or physical parts of a plant for preparation at home has changed. Partly because we have been losing the how to manipulate these herbs more and more we accuse ourselves of having less time.

This modernization has made the manufacturing and pharmaceutical houses directly elaborate these products (most of them of natural origin) and transform them into a quick way to consume or use.

An example of the products that we can find in an herbalist are the following:

  • Sleep products: extracts of valerian, st. John’s wort or tisane in tablet form.
  • Voice irritation: juanola pills, natural cough syrups, melatonin or passionflower, in the form of tablets or syrups.
  • Mineral supplements: multivitamins, collagen with magnesium, folic acid, supplements with royal jelly, and ginseng, etc.
  • Horse care: shampoo made with different medicinal plants such as oats, nettle, flax, magnolia or tea tree, among others.
  • Moisturizers: liquid or cream soaps and gels based on natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • Digestive extracts: soluble powders with ingredients based on chamomile and fennel with carminative, eupeptic and antispasmodic action.

How do natural products help us?

In our day to day we suffer some temporary discomfort that does not require the consultation of a doctor since they are not serious. However, they can be annoying and even repetitive over time.

We talk about ailments such as flatulence, stomach pains or heaviness, headache, lack of sleep, anxiety, etc. Many of these cases are due to poor digestion, nerves that cause drowsiness or transient problems that come for free and leave in the same way.

The use of modern medicines, in some cases does not help, since there is no well-defined pathology, we do not know how to properly choose the drug nor should we self-medicate.

For this type of mild problem, the use of natural products that we can find in an herbalist can help us and hardly cause side effects.

Some of these examples are as follows:

  • Improve the hydration of dry skin.
  • Facilitate digestion and elimination of gases.
  • Improve the loss of retained fluids.
  • Muscle relaxants.
  • Mineral and vitamin supplements in periods of anxiety and overexertion.
  • Natural hormone regulators.

Among the advantages that we can find among the products of an herbalist are its reduced negative impact on our body, with hardly any side effects, as well as the ease of use and price.

Many of them, in addition to correcting the problem, such as chamomile, contain minerals that reinforce our health and are a complement to our diet, so they are interesting to take even when we do not have ailments.

On the other hand, all these ingredients are also highly effective in coping. chronic diseases. The use of cannabis extracts to reduce overall pain is increasingly mentioned, although there are also other more innocuous products that have good activity against pain receptors.

In any case, it is always advisable to have a complete and healthy diet, without abusing fats and high in vegetables and fruits, as well as assiduous sports as prevention factors.

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