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5 properties of coconut oil that you did not know

properties of coconut oil for health

One of the most consumed tropical fruits in the world is the coconut. Easily recognizable by its thick, brown and hairy shell. Inside we find the pulp, its edible part of white color, which gives off a delicious aroma.

Thank you to all the benefits that this fruit has, a wide variety of foods have been created, such as coconut oil, considered “super food” today for all the properties of coconut oil what it has to offer us. Do you want to discover them with us? Then read on!

Properties of coconut oil

5 properties of coconut oil

The properties of coconut oil have long been neglected due to the large amount of saturated fats it contains.  Almost all of its composition (90%) it is based on saturated fatty acids. However, the coconut oil it is still to this day one of the best for the human body.

It is scientifically proven that this type of fat is harmless to our body, and there is no danger that cardiovascular diseases may appear. As long as it is not consumed in excess.

The most common saturated fats in coconut oil are medium-chain triglycerides. Where else can we find them? In breast milk, thus demonstrating that our body can easily benefit from them.

By storing it quickly in the liver, our body can extract its energy immediately and convert them into ketone bodies (responsible for supplying energy to the brain and heart), thus making patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or epilepsy can benefit from your therapeutic effects.

Here you have the lIstado of the 5 properties of coconut oil more important, although there are many more.

1. The properties of coconut oil will help you lose weight

The United States is the largest country with obesity in the world. It is estimated that at least 35% of its population suffers from this disease.

Millions of people believe this is due to excessive calorie intake. Even more important is the origin of these. Each person’s body does not react equally to 10 calories from protein than from saturated fat, as in the case of coconut oil.

If there is anything beneficial in medium-chain triglycerides, it is that they can reach increase the expenditure of our body. That is, they act on our metabolism and accelerate it to work faster. In less than 24 hours we will be causing our body to suffer from a high energy expenditure. In the long term, it can mean a great loss of weight if accompanied by the right diet.

2. Eliminate infections

Among all the fatty acids that coconut oil contains, we find that almost 50% of its total is composed of lauric acid, which is responsible for us to create monolaurin or glycerol monolaurate.

This lauric acid, with the help of monolaurin, can fight negative pathogens for our body, such as: bacteria, fungi and even viruses.

Some of these negative pathogens in which coconut oil has been shown to have acted positively for our body are: Staphylococcus Aureus (capable of creating diseases such as conjunctivitis, cellulite, meningitis or pneumonia), or Candida Albicans (can cause vaginal yeast).

3. Properties of coconut oil to improve your blood cholesterol level

HDL, or good cholesterol, is increased by beneficial saturated fats, such as those contained in coconut oil.

Different studies carried out with both animals and humans have shown that this oil, together with the triglycerides it contains, can improve blood clotting and greatly reduce our likelihood of getting cardiovascular disease in the future.

4. Helps control your appetite

Not many people you are aware of this aspect of coconut oil, but the truth is that it can help reduce our appetite thanks to the rapid metabolization of fatty acids.

Not long ago it was proven that those people who consume these medium-chain fatty acids can consume around 200 fewer calories per day than others who don’t take them. If we make use of them continuously (without exceeding it), in several months we can lose several extra kilos without hardly making any effort, positively helping our body mass.

5. More hydrated skin

Although it has been amply demonstrated that the body can benefit greatly from the properties of coconut oil, our skin and hair can do it too.

Coconut oil gets moisturize our skin and its lipid content, in addition to protecting and nourishing it so that it retains its properties and is always perfectly cared for.

In some parts of the world they even use it as toothpaste and/or mouthwash. It is proven that it is able to eliminate different bacteria that are in the mouth and make bad breath disappear.

How to buy coconut oil

To be able to take advantage of the properties of coconut oil, you can find coconut oil in specialized stores, with different products that have a higher or lower concentration of pure extract.


Do you know more properties of coconut oil?


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