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Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil has been used for hundreds as an effective natural remedy against various ailments. This oil is collected from the leaves, seeds and berries of the plant known as hawthorn yellow (Hippophae rhamnoides), a shrub of small dimensions native to the northern Himalayas. From its origin it is sometimes referred to as the sacred fruit of the Himalayas.

Sea buckthorn oil is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, and can have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, against diabetes or stomach ulcers, according to the latest scientific reports.

In this article we want to show you the main discoveries made about sea buckthorn oil and its properties, with scientific and medical review.

Cancer Preventive

Many natural products produced by medicinal plants are studied day by day to see their evolution in the face of the development of cancer cells. This is the case of sea buckthorn oil, where its involvement in substances such as flavonoids and other antioxidants, including quercetin, has been studied.

This compound is being studied for its ability to slow the progression of cancer cells. [See study]

In turn, its effect can be supported by the presence of carotenoids and vitamins (such as E), whose functionality has been seen in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Currently, studies with sea buckthorn oil have only been done in the laboratory and with animals, where the results have been satisfactory against colon cancer. [See study]

However, these effects are not superior to the current treatments used in chemotherapy, and studies have not yet been conducted in humans.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

There are several conclusions that establish the heart benefits of sea buckthorn oil.

Initially, the high presence of antioxidants, linked to reducing the presence of blood clots, limiting high blood pressure and controlling blood cholesterol levels.

In a study conducted, the intake of 0.75 ml of sea buckthorn oil a day for 1 month helped reduce blood pressure values in people with hypertension. In turn, the amount of total triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (considered as bad) was also greatly reduced.

What has also been seen is that it only produces benefits in people with hypertension or high cholesterol previously, without producing a response in people with adequate blood pressure. [See study]

Another study also links that sea buckthorn oil may reduce total cholesterol levels in people with heart problems, but has no effect on healthy people.

Properties sea buckthorn oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil is Rich in Nutrients

In the nutritional breakdown made of sea buckthorn, it contains various sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant compounds beneficial to the body.

As for these compounds, the leaves and seeds store a compound known as quercetin, a flavonoid compound linked to lower blood pressure reduction and associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

At the nutritional level, sea buckthorn berries contain various minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, and among the vitamins present are significant amounts of folic acid, biotin and vitamins of group B, vitamin C and E.

It also highlights the healthy source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, considered beneficial and essential for the body. In fact, in sea buckthorn oil you find the 4 omega fatty acids:

  • Omega-3
  • Omega-6
  • Omega-7
  • Omega-9

This type of fat and its mixture is sometimes characterized by the name vitamin F.

Has Activity Against Diabetes

Several scientific studies have pointed out preventive properties against diabetes. Initial animal studies are promising and have helped lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production and improving insulin sensitivity. [See study]

In humans, sea buckthorn oil may reduce rapid sugar spikes in the sang torrentuíneo, especially after ingesting high volumes of carbohydrates. These peaks are what favor the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes [See study]

In any case, more research is needed to reach firm conclusions.

May Boost your Immune System

The presence of flavonoids has a direct effect on the activation of the immune system and protection against infections.

The first studies have been conducted in the laboratory, where sea buckthorn oil reduced the growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli. The evolution of viruses such as influenza, herpes or even HIV is also being studied.

The answer lies in the presence of antioxidant compounds and the ability of the body to fight its own against these pathogens.

In any case, this medical branch needs much more research to consider sea buckthorn oil as an interesting product.

Reduces Liver Damage

The consumption of foods rich in unsaturated fats, carotenoids and vitamins favors the protection of liver cells against external agents.

These responses have been seen in trials conducted in rats and the use of sea buckthorn oil, where markers of liver damage were significantly reduced. [See study]

They have also evaluated the response of this plant to people sick with cirrhosis, with obvious liver problems, who took 15 gr of sea buckthorn extract 3 times a day for half a year.

The response was positive, and markers of liver function increased significantly compared to placebo. [See study]

Reduced liver damage is also linked to an improvement in markers of cholesterol, triglycerides and liver enzymes.

Protective Effect of the Skin

Sea buckthorn oil contains interesting components to improve skin regeneration and accelerate wound healing.

Initial animal studies have concluded with positive results of sea buckthorn oil in reducing inflammation after sun exposure (UV rays) reducing the possible damage caused. [See study]

It is possible that this benefit is associated with the Omega-3 and Omega 7 content of the plant.

Other studies have also revealed an increase in skin elasticity when applied through massage, compared to a placebo with another type of oil. There is also evidence of a higher rate of wound healing and healing caused by burns, frostbite, dryness or ulcers. [See study]

However, more comprehensive human studies are needed to ensure all of these long-term benefits.

Other Potential Effects of Sea Buckthorn

There are other benefits that are in beta phase of starting trials, but they may become effective and interesting in the future:

  • Limit the symptoms of depression.
  • Reduce the effect of dry eyes.
  • Improved digestion and treatment of stomach ulcers.
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms in women who cannot take estrogen.
  • Reduce inflammatory processes.

In all of them, the studies carried out are not of sufficient importance or the sample size has been reduced. Therefore, more research is required to draw serious conclusions.

Buy Sea Buckthorn Oil

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