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Properties of Evening Primrose Oil

The properties of evening primrose oil they have been used very regularly in recent times. It has become very popular for its main positive effects on the human body, therefore, this has made it one of the best-selling oils today, especially among the female public.

This oil is ideal to be able to control the menstrual cycles of the woman, since it acts remarkably regulating the cycles and reducing in a large part all the premenstrual symptoms that they could have, including the fact of reducing the signs of menopause.

On the other hand, among the properties of evening primrose oil is to act positively against hormonal problems such as acne, therefore, it is highly recommended to be able to use it and combat this type of hormonal imbalance.

The properties of evening primrose oil are also used for muscle problems, daily pains, or other health problems including arthritis, erectile dysfunction and helping to decrease the possible appearance of diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

How is evening primrose oil obtained?

Evening primrose oil comes from a plant with the same name. This plant can be found in nature in the wild. It is a plant that can reach a meter in height and contains large yellow leaves and its fruit are small capsules or seeds.

The procedure to obtain evening primrose oil it is simply the fact of pressing the seeds always cold. In this way you get the oil, which in fact, is very valuable.

Active ingredients

The properties of evening primrose oil are closely related by its content in Omega 6, which since it is a potentially essential fatty acid for the body and it is not able to generate it on its own, is therefore already a really interesting factor.

On the other hand, thanks to its great content of Omega 3 and vitamin E, will prevent skin cells from aging as quickly as they would without the presence of evening primrose oil.

It is commonly widely used to reduce wrinkles or age marks. Likewise, this oil can be found in many body or facial creams to maintain a younger skin for longer.

Another of its main active ingredients is that its essential fatty acids; Linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid are especially important for the health of both men and women, as they help to have perfect cholesterol levels in both sexes.

The main properties of evening primrose oil are due to the presence of Gamma-linolenic acid. It belongs to the Omega 6 series and is known by its acronym as GLA.

Although we mainly find it in this plant, it can also be obtained from other medicinal plants with borage.

Properties of evening primrose oil

results and properties of evening primrose oil

It is an oil that lately has been potentially sold for its exclusive properties, since it is especially indicated for perform beauty treatments as well as being really a health benefit.

Given the properties of oil evening primrose it is commonly known as the women’s plant since its main properties act in a very positive way in the female body. It can improve menstrual cycles, but it is also highly recommended to take if you have fertility problems or if you suffer from a small gynecological problem, such as endometriosis.

On the other hand, evening primrose oil can help to noticeably lighten facial spots or dark circles, in addition to relieve skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

Skin eczema relief

The US Ministry of Health has considered the properties of evening primrose oil suitable for the treatment of epidermal infections, such as eczema.

However, research studies have not been able to conclude the same when consumed by way oral, as no significant improvements were shown.

The United Kingdom approved its use in the treatment of skin eczema, but backed down with the approval of this license (2002) when it found some irregularities in clinical trials and lack of solid scientific evidence.

The properties of evening primrose oil are recommended, in topical application to find the following effects:

  • Skin hydration
  • Relief from bites, ezzema or irritation
  • Cell regeneration
  • Rinse dark circles
  • Reduce pore oil and acne

Helps reduce breast pain

This plant has been found extracts with anti-inflammatory properties. This has been demonstrated in a 2010 study and is related to the inhibition of prostaglandins, related to cyclic breast pain in women.

This study saw an enhancing effect with the intake of vitamin E, obtaining good results from the first 6 months of consumption.

How to use: from 1 to 3 grams in the form of pills or tablets of evening primrose oil daily for 6 months, taken alone or together with 1200 mg of Vitamin E.

Wrinkle reduction

Clinical laboratories have studied the effect of its oil applied topically for hydration and reduction of roughness in the skin.

At the level of antioxidant potential, they have found very positive responses in the wrinkle reduction and is included as a compound in many cosmetic products focused on skin care.

Reduces menopausal hot flashes

There are several studies that have tried to relate the properties of evening primrose oil with the reduction of hot flashes in the menopause stage.

This bothersome side effect can be alleviated with the intake of 500 mg of evening primrose daily for 6 weeks [See study].

Reduces alterial pressure

Countless positive effects of medicinal plants have been found in the regulation of blood pressure.

Several studies have contributed to associating the properties of evening primrose oil and the reduction of blood pressure.

Specifically, the most important and carried out in 2013, was related to a 4% reduction in systolic blood pressure, being a small but clinically significant difference.

The union of a healthy diet together with the practice of sport and the use of these natural remedies contribute to improve the synergy of the final effect, since they act in different metabolic pathways to reduce blood pressure.

Improves the circulatory system

Although we have already talked about the properties of evening primrose oil with anti-inflammatory activity, the consumption of this natural product has been scientifically linked to the reduction of fixing bad cholesterol.

Although you should always be consulted with an expert about the combination of this type of compounds in combination with commonly used drugs, it has been advised to consume 10 ml of evening primrose oil daily for 4 months. [See study].

Reduces the effects of rheumatoid arthritis

Bone pain is commonly related to rheumatoid arthritis. Several clinical trials have proven the reduction of chronic inflammatory disorder of this type of disease and evening primrose.

The potential effect is due to its content in gamma linolenic acid, which reduces the sensation of chronic pain in bone-type diseases, with very reduced side effects [See study].

Reduced blood clotting

A side effect found in the properties of evening primrose oil is the reduction or delay of blood clotting.

Although this is negative for patients who have excessively liquid blood, it is not negative for otherwise, patients who take medications to prevent thrombosis.

How to use evening primrose oil

care and properties of evening primrose oil

The evening primrose oil it can be taken as a food supplement in pearls that are consumed at lunch or dinner. At first, if you have never taken evening primrose oil before, you may begin to notice the effects from 3 months after you start the treatment.

This oil is very common among the female audience but since it acts favorably in the face of various health problems, it really is a food supplement that is aimed at both the female and male audiences.

Dosage to use

It should be noted that for the effect of evening primrose oil to be adequate, the intake of three capsules daily, being able to vary the amount of capsules depending on whether there is a discomfort or disease that requires one dose or another.

As a curious fact, it is necessary to know that the evening primrose plant, due to its colors and aromas, is also used to make dishes when cooking, since it aromatizes and adorns a large number of culinary recipes.

In many cases, when buying evening primrose oil capsules, are usually enriched even more with vitamin E or other components, offering many consumption alternatives

The price, as you can see, is between

Contraindications and side effects

On the other hand, it is necessary to know that, although the properties of evening primrose oil They are attractive for the health of men and women, there are some cases in which there may be small side effects.

These effects, in no case will be really serious, since the most we can face will be possible headaches or nausea.

However, if you are thinking about starting to consume the evening primrose oil it is advisable to consult with a specialist first, as you will be able to advise correctly before starting a evening primrose oil treatment.

Most common side effects:

  • Upset stomach
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache
  • Changing the appearance of stools

Does evening primrose oil make you fat?

Any type of oil, ingested in large quantities, will always favor weight gain. This type of products contains a high index of fats, although they tend to be more unsaturated fats (considered beneficial) compared to saturated fats (considered harmful),

The caloric index is high, but taken in the recommended doses, does not favor weight gain.

Taking into account that the amount that is recommended by consuming capsules of pure evening primrose extract is 3 per day, the energy it provides in kilocalories is extremely minimal, with no impact on our body in terms of gaining weight.

Therefore, we debunk the myth that evening primrose oil makes you fat. Take advantage of its properties without any harm.

Are there risks during pregnancy?

The properties of evening primrose oil can act as a hormonal regulator, so it is advisable to consume it from menstruation to ovulation (days 1 to 14 of the cycle).

This oil is credited with reducing preeclampsia (hypertension before and during pregnancy), although there is no scientific confirmation or studies that confirm this idea.

Likewise, there are no medical studies that reject power taking evening primrose oil during pregnancy, at recommended doses (maximum 3 per day).

Drug Interactions

Interactions with certain medicines related to blood clotting.



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