Cod Liver Oil: How can it Benefit You?

The cod liver oil it has been present in our diet for many years. It has always been considered as a supplement that brought many benefits, especially to children. Therefore, it was common for families to “force” children to take several tablespoons from time to time, following the recommendations of their doctors. Today, with the

Top Main Properties of Strawberry

Strawberry is a highly prized fruit and attractive to most people, especially children. With a sweet taste and a red color, it is one of the most consumed fruits. At the nutritional level, the properties of strawberry are proven and its consumption is recommended due to its high content of antioxidants. In this article we

4 scientifically proven properties of arrowroot

The arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea is a tropical tuber native to Indonesia. Usually, it is consumed in the form of flour to prepare different typical products of the country. This tuber is extracted from the roots of the plant, so it retains large amounts of starch and provides energy to the consumer. Arrowroot can be commonly

Why You Shouldn’t Take Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup is a fairly common product and we can buy it in various supermarkets. Even so, where it is really used is in all processed products and in industrial pastries. It is a cheap product with a very high sweetening power, although not without risks. In this article we want to analyze what exactly

Sulforaphane: discover this super compound of broccoli

Health authorities have always recommended the consumption of fruits and vegetables. These contain significant amounts of fiber, minerals and vitamins. However, we also find chemically active substances such as polyphenols, antioxidants and, among them, sulforaphane. In recent years, medical research has included broccoli among the well-known “superfoods”, a definition that is now very fashionable and

What is the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet?

It is known as AIP diet o Autoimmune Protocol and aims to reduce processes of inflammation, pain and symptoms related to autoimmune diseases. Among them we talk about heart disease, arthritis, lupus or inflammatory bowel disease, among others. According to the opinion of many people who suffer from any of these diseases and have tried

Meratrim and Weight Loss: Scientific Review

Keeping body weight stable is not easy if we do not eat a healthy diet and the assiduous practice of sports. Given the lack of time, alternatives are used in the form of supplements, such as Meratrim, based on the power of various medicinal plants. According to the information about the product, Meratrim is able

Vitamin F: Benefits and Properties

It is known as vitamin F although it is not really considered as a vitamin itself. It is the vulgar name of the union of the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and the linoleic acid (THE). Both elements are essential for the activity of the organism, and are specifically related to cognitive (brain) health and the cardiorespiratory

Apple juice, a cocktail of benefits (and disadvantages)

The scientific community and food experts strongly recommend taking fruits and vegetables daily. However, there are also foods that can be processed, such as apple juice, with a high content of sugars and elements not so beneficial to health. In this article we wanted to make a scientific review of the studies related to the

10 most interesting zinc foods

A varied diet and with the prominence of fruits and vegetables allows to supply each and every one of the vitamins and elements necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Among them, zinc is considered an essential micronutrient present in many foods. Because there are continuous cases of zinc deficiency, we wanted to group