The power of nootropics in the cognitive system

The nootropics are compounds of natural origin or produced in the laboratory that can stimulate the cognitive system and improve mental performance in people considered healthy. This is interesting in moments of high mental load, either by work activity, exams, oppositions, etc. Over the years, they have gained popularity, especially nootropic products of natural origin,

Best uses of medicinal plants

In the XXI century, we live in a time in which modern medicines prevail of sale with a prescription in pharmacy, but does it have to be the only way for healing? Today, we are more focused on cure than prevention. The lack of physical activity, poor diet and the continuous stress to which we

Properties of St. John’s Wort

The properties of St. John’s wort or St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) have been studied for quite some time for their potential to reduce depression and alleviate mental problems. This fact is given by the presence of hypericin in St. John’s wort, a compound with many properties. St. John’s wort is a herbaceous plant that

Design your medicinal plant garden

Traditional home gardens are here to stay. Not only for those who have the pleasure of having a patio or garden, since in the city it is becoming more and more fashionable urban gardens or the rental of spaces to cultivate. In large cities, environmental education and sustainable development, and they have as a way

All properties of saffron

The saffron it is a very typical condiment in many cuisines. In Spain, we usually use it to season rice, using simply one or two stigmas per serving. Above all, we look for the deep flavor that is obtained from it and the characteristic of dyeing everything that touches that characteristic yellow. However, moving away

10 essential aromatic plants in your home

We don’t get the idea of the amount of natural and fresh ingredients that we can have in our kitchen, terrace or gallery. Okay, I don’t claim to set up an orchard in our dining room, that would be excessive. What we don’t see is the potential of pots. If we have our Aloe Vera

The properties and benefits of rosemary

One of the medicinal plants best known and appreciated is rosemary. From this plant we have allusions of infusions, honey, aromatic sprays, preservation of meat and cheeses, skin firming, etc. And, to tell the truth, rosemary has many properties that are applied both for their own benefit, as human beings, and for plants. The benefits

How to grow medicinal plants [BASIC GUIDE]

Although in this blog we intend to provide individual information on each aromatic or medicinal plant, there are times that, by their nature, they share some similar characteristics. If we know this information, it can be of great help when it comes to ensuring an interesting production. In any plant, knowing the climate you need,

Some reasons to grow cilantro

We start this blog about medicinal and aromatic plants with coriander, an herb very present in world cuisine and that, curiously, blooms from the summer. Coriandrum sativum enter dentr to the family of the umbellifers or apiaceae, and gender Coriandrum. It comes from the geographical area of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and some areas

Meet Pistacia terebinthus – Guide

Scientific and vulgar name Pistacia terebinthus. It is commonly known as cornicabra, descuernacabras, jedisco, cabricuerno or terebinto. Cultivation area and climatology It is typical of the Mediterranean area, especially the western part.  It is common to see it grow in countries or areas such as the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco, Canary Islands, Greece, Italy or Turkey.