6 Essential Benefits of Hemp Seeds

6 essential benefits of hemp seeds

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about hemp or hemp seeds is the plant Cannabis sativa and marijuana. However, we are far from reality as there is an important industry within the by-products of this plant. For example, hemp offers a great alternative to fossil remains (such as coal) and has

Discover the properties of sesame

The superfood craze is here to stay. Those ingredients that have a magnificent nutritional composition, low in fat and high concentration of vitamins. Among them, we must include many seeds of historical plants, including those of chia, flax, poppy or sesame. The properties of sesame they come from the perfect union between its nutritional composition

Medicinal properties of poppy seeds

Within the superfoods that are now fashionable, we find many seeds that, due to their nutritional contribution and composition, are beneficial for our body. This is the case of the poppy seeds that today we are going to tell you, since they meet all the requirements to become one more option to complement our food.

Properties of flax seed that you did not know

Within the world of superfoods that are now so fashionable, there are ingredients and seeds that have well earned their fame. We talk about the properties of flax seed and its benefits for the body. Undoubtedly we have to talk about flax as a highly concentrated source of fiber, but it also contains different chemical

7 Benefits of Chia -【It activates your body】

Its scientific name is Salvia hispanica L. and is distributed over large areas of the American continent. What we do know is the sheer number of benefits of chia that gives us its habitual consumption. This article aims to give a review to the properties offered by this superfood of the XXI century, demystifying myths

The properties of Mustard seed

Everyone has tried the mustard once, although very few of us have created a sauce from scratch, starting from mustard seeds. However, although we take it directly from the sauce we buy in the supermarket, we are also taking advantage of its full potential, both nutritional and medicinal. Let’s see how this plant and its

Proven benefits of Caraway

We return with a new file of medicinal plants, giving the prominence it deserves to the caraway (Carum carvi). A plant known by many and with great properties. Everyone will know the curious shape of its seeds and the intense aroma it gives off. Although it has many common names, the best known is caraway.

Cultivation of Anethum graveolens (Dill)

One of the typical things that reminds us of this aromatic plant, dill, is the marinades that can be made with it and, above all, salmon. We have before us an herb of great gastronomic use throughout the wide and long planet, and provides a pleasant taste and aroma to a large number of dishes.

8 properties of cumin that you did not know

It is the turn of the best-known Mediterranean spice, the cumin. A characteristic and pleasant aroma that we can introduce in a multitude of dishes (and we must not associate them with exotic or Asian flavors at all). We are also going to talk about the properties of cumin which include a very balanced nutritional