Benefits of Chard Juice

benefits of chard juice

Can Chard Be Eaten Raw in a salad or prepared as chard green juice? Yes and yes! In this article, we summarize everything about the Benefits Of Chard Juice, how to improve the taste, and how to prepare it to get the most out of its nutrients. Let’s start! Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris ssp. cicla)

Properties of cucumber that you may not have known about

It is not considered a medicinal plant, but it does offer a multitude of nutritional benefits. With a very high percentage of water and vitamins, the properties of cucumber that it offers us can be at the height of many principles of medicinal herbs. Therefore, cucumber deserves special attention to incorporate it into our gastronomy.

How to use rosemary honey and improve your day to day

The rosemary honey It is one of the most common that we can find in the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the most appreciated and valued, with a characteristic light color that can even be white. Being a type of natural honey, it is normal that it has properties that are very interesting for

Properties and benefits of brewer’s yeast

The Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast they have known each other for many years. This drink has been with us since the first steps of manufacture in the Late Middle Ages, where the must was cooked with hop flowers. Today, research has evolved much more and we know the microorganisms involved and the complete process of

Benefits and properties of onion

In each of the plant foods that we usually consume, an arsenal of mineral compounds, vitamins and phytostimulant substances that produce an impact on the body is stored. And this impact, in most cases is positive and, depending on the dose, can be harmful. It does not happen in the case of onions, a food

Benefits (and myths) of lemon water

The water with lemon it’s not about any medicinal plant or anything like that. It is a cheap and easy way to prepare to introduce into our body a very effective and healthy clash of vitamins and minerals. Something that many people have already introduced as a routine and that is checking its benefits. We

What are the foods with the most iron?

The importance of taking minerals in our feeding it is basic to maintain the proper functioning of our body. In particular, in humans there has always been talk of iron intake and the problems derived from optimal concentration, such as the well-known anemia. There is a population group sensitive to this problem and that is

12 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

What is hypertension? Hypertension is a disease that is increasingly present in the Western population. The concept of high blood pressure is an increase in the pressure with which blood flows through the bloodstream. That it is elevated can cause problems in terms of causing damage to blood vessels, heart disease, kidney problems and strokes,

The 12 foods with the most folic acid

More and more we can find in pharmacies and specialized stores vitamin supplements. The reality is that its consumption is only founded when there is a real problem of metabolization or lack of consumption of any of the vitamins. This is because if we eat a healthy diet and in necessary quantities, we can introduce

7 scientific evidence of the properties of banana

Bananas are the reference food as far as potassium intake is concerned. They contain large amounts of sugars and are very nutritious. Due to its importance, we will perform a scientific review of banana properties and the medical trials that are currently being carried out to strengthen the consumption of this international fruit. As not