Properties of panthenol for the skin

The cosmetic industry uses the panthenol for a large number of products. Something that you can check by approaching the bathroom and seeing the ingredients that make up each of the cosmetics you usually use. In fact, this compound also appears in some foods, vitamin supplements and hygiene products that we consume daily. Panthenol has

Uses and Benefits of Shea Butter

The plant world provides us with various sources of unsaturated fats considered, in proportionate amounts, as healthy. One of them is shea mateca, extracted from the shea tree and used as the main ingredient for various cosmetic products. In this article we want to show you the importance of this compound of natural origin and

How to use humidifier oils

There are some preparations directly for inhalation. The bottle is opened and inhaled directly. As they are formed by undiluted oils, they can be reactive for the skin, so they are not designed to apply topically. By vaporization, the traditional method it consists of heating hot water in a pot and a towel. Add a

What properties does marula oil have for the skin?

Nature gives us from various plants and trees oils with countless beneficial properties. In this article we will talk about the marula oil, an African tree with fruits rich in oils and proteins with benefits for the skin. Polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids and essential oils are part of its components. As it is rich in