Types of coffee you can find in the world

It is estimated that humans, worldwide, consume around 400 billion cups of coffee in a year. Behind oil, coffee is the second most traded product on the planet. At this point, it could be said that it is the universal drink. Therefore, there are also different types of coffee and forms of preparation. There are several

Do you know what tea properties bancha tea offers?

Asian culture has always been related to the preparation of interesting teas and infusions. In this case, the bancha tea belongs entirely to Japanese culture, being the 2nd most drunk infusion of the Japanese country (after Shincha). It is considered as a type of green tea and is recognized for its medicinal properties. It is

Is it possible to drink tea without theine?

We may be at a stage of our life where we don’t want any stimulants but we want to enjoy a good cup of tea. Or we have allergic problems with foods that contain caffeine or theine. Whatever your case, today it is possible to drink tea without theine. In this article we want to

7 scientifically endorsed benefits of matcha tea

1. Presence of antioxidants The benefits of matcha tea come from the presence of Catechins, a compound from the plant kingdom that offers a high compendium of natural antioxidants. This is possible to complexify the so-called harmful free radicals, structures that can be associated with other elements to cause great oxidative damage in organs. Antioxidants

Scientific Benefits of Nettle Infusion

The world of infusions based on plant extracts it is in full swing. In fact, the scientific community approves of its consumption and offers medical advantages in it. The origins of the infusions are based, mostly, on traditional Chinese medicine. Nowadays, people drink tea or other infusions for various reasons, whether it’s for the taste,

Discover the healthy benefits of coffee

There are many opinions with duality about the positive or negative effects of coffee. However, when in doubt, it is good to resort to clinical trials and scientific studies that have been made of one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Coffee not only stands out for its caffeine content, being the star

Discover what the tisane can do for you

Infusions have been part of the global culture of societies since the very beginning of time and in them we have not only found the pleasure of a rich drink, but often also the way to soothe pain or restore our health. In the herbal teas Or herbal infusions can find their way to get

8 evidences that confirm the properties of black tea

Black tea is considered to be one of the most consumed beverages in the world, not including water. With this forcefulness we begin the article where we will talk about the properties of black tea. Its origin, like many other teas (green, red, white, etc.) comes from the plant Camellia sinensis. The difference it has

7 Medicinal Properties of Rooibos Tea

Over hundreds and hundreds of years, human civilization has taken advantage of the properties of Rooibos tea and a wide variety of infusions from different sources. Nowadays, it is quite common to come to a restaurant and order red tea, green tea and different more complex types. We assume it as a substitute for coffee

Discover the Properties of White Tea

Within the infusion market, we have a wide range to choose from. We went from the typical red or green tea, to the classic chamomile or pennyroyal mint. However, we have a lot to choose from, and one of them, the white tea, with many possibilities at the medicinal level. Where does white tea come from?