10 essential aromatic plants in your home

We don’t get the idea of the amount of natural and fresh ingredients that we can have in our kitchen, terrace or gallery. Okay, I don’t claim to set up an orchard in our dining room, that would be excessive. What we don’t see is the potential of pots. If we have our Aloe Vera

The properties and benefits of rosemary

One of the medicinal plants best known and appreciated is rosemary. From this plant we have allusions of infusions, honey, aromatic sprays, preservation of meat and cheeses, skin firming, etc. And, to tell the truth, rosemary has many properties that are applied both for their own benefit, as human beings, and for plants. The benefits

How to grow medicinal plants [BASIC GUIDE]

Although in this blog we intend to provide individual information on each aromatic or medicinal plant, there are times that, by their nature, they share some similar characteristics. If we know this information, it can be of great help when it comes to ensuring an interesting production. In any plant, knowing the climate you need,

Some reasons to grow cilantro

We start this blog about medicinal and aromatic plants with coriander, an herb very present in world cuisine and that, curiously, blooms from the summer. Coriandrum sativum enter dentr to the family of the umbellifers or apiaceae, and gender Coriandrum. It comes from the geographical area of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and some areas

Meet Pistacia terebinthus – Guide

Scientific and vulgar name Pistacia terebinthus. It is commonly known as cornicabra, descuernacabras, jedisco, cabricuerno or terebinto. Cultivation area and climatology It is typical of the Mediterranean area, especially the western part.  It is common to see it grow in countries or areas such as the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco, Canary Islands, Greece, Italy or Turkey.

Forgotten aromatic plants

There are many herbs and medicinal plants less known that have gone down in history. Either because they have stopped growing or because they are difficult to adapt and multiply in different climatic conditions, some of them may not even sound to the ears of the youngest. Others, however, still remain a workhorse, even if

Properties of mint as a medicinal plant

The properties of mint they are more than demonstrated, since it has been and is a widely used crop and focused on hygiene products, such as mouthwashes, toothpastes or even some gels or shampoos. In the kitchen, something less known, the incorporation of mint in desserts is increasingly gaining strength, as it combines very well

How to multiply medicinal and aromatic plants

Multiplication is essential to achieve new plants identical to the previous ones, in more juvenile states. Also, to ensure its cultivation in the season following the winter season. Either way, whether through seeds or vegetative parts, each species has its trick and its ideal form of multiplication. When it comes to multiplying plants, we have

Aromatherapy for Beginners

The aromatherapy it can improve your mood, protect you from harmful bacteria and help reduce the stress we suffer daily. All this is assured by various studies with criteria. However, researchers are not entirely sure how this is achieved. Only a decade ago, any graduate in medicine and healthcare institution scoffed at alternative healing techniques