Properties of cardamom: how to take and benefits

Within medicinal plants, there are seeds of all kinds full of nutrients and minerals and containing a very important selection of essential oils. These oils are, in this case, the ones that make up the properties of cardamom and the benefits demonstrated and studied. An exotic plant seed that has countless functionalities, such as those

Properties of pumpkin seeds

From the pumpkin you can take advantage of practically everything, including pumpkin seeds, which are edible and highly valued in different countries. Like many other seeds or pipes that we have been discussing, they are full of nutrients, vitamins and fiber, since they need a lot of energy to stimulate germination if they are planted.

Why tonka bean is so good and bad at the same time

Within the world of tropical botany, we find plants that manage to accumulate substances and phytocomponents very interesting for modern medicine. Specifically, the seed of tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata) is a Fabaceae from which significant quantities have been extracted from the coumarin a powerful anticoagulant related to warfarin (a drug for this purpose). In fact,

What are the properties of walnuts?

Nuts are a very nutritious food with a great balance in its nutritional composition. It is widely introduced into the Mediterranean diet and its moderate consumption is beneficial for health. The properties of walnuts and other nuts allow us to stimulate appetite, reduce fat intake and offer us a wide range of antioxidants that improve

5 properties of almonds for your body

Nuts are a great nutritional base to provide the body with healthy proteins (of vegetable origin, of course), fiber, minerals and healthy fats. An extraordinary snack to reduce appetite and anxiety for less healthy foods rich in fat and that increase cholesterol. However, we go beyond the nutritional composition and want to analyze the properties

Properties of quinoa of scientific interest

It is known almost all over the world as quinoa or quinoa and has become the pseudoscientific so-called “superfoods”. Its expansion throughout the world has been rapid and vertiginous, since until a few years ago, not much was known about its properties in different continents nor was it present in the diet that many users

Properties and effects of star anise

The star anise is a spice from Asia commonly used to treat stomach upsets such as gas, indigestion and even diarrhea. This small reddish and star-shaped fruit will be your main ally if you have children at home, it will also be very useful if you do not have drugs. In any case, here you

Why Almond Flour Is Better Than Other Flours

Within the world of flours, we can obtain it from various cereals, seeds and fruits. Although the most common worldwide is that which comes from cereals (wheat, for example), there are viable alternatives that even improve the beneficial properties for health. To study this, the nutritional composition has been analyzed based on what it gives

Benefits of dry lupins endorsed by science

Dry lupins are part of the family’s edible seed group Fabaceae. Many of these species leave us a wide range of legumes and products with high protein content, low in fat and a multitude of active ingredients beneficial to health. Less well known than a lentil or chickpea, dried lupins are an alternative to complete

Are cocoa nibs really beneficial?

Those known as cocoa nibs they are small pieces of cocoa beans that are crushed, offering the typical taste of chocolate but with a little more bitterness. Its production is made from the cocoa tree, scientifically known as Theobroma cacao. After harvesting, the beans are fermented and, once cracked, the cocoa seeds are obtained. Cocoa