5 Proven Benefits of Juniper Berries

The juniper berries are obtained from the plant scientifically known as Juniperus communis. It is an evergreen shrub that grows in many parts of the world, especially in North America, Europe and Asia. This plant produces seed cones that are known as juniper berries. Although the color of the berries varies depending on the variety,

5 properties of celery seeds

Celery is a common food and a vegetable with many properties and very little caloric intake. A part little used but with also interesting applications are its seeds. Celery seeds are usually used as a condiment, providing a crunchy texture with high nutritional value. In Oriental medicine, celery seed has been used for hundreds of

Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice has been prized for its powerful medicinal properties for hundreds of years. However, in recent years it has gained followers thanks to the rise of natural medicine and supplementation with plant products. As one of the best natural remedies for high cholesterol levels, the red yeast rice is one of the few