8 Properties and Uses of Sandalwood (Santalum album)

The natural world around us is littered with trees and species that contain essential oils useful to us. In this case, the cultivation of sandalwood (Santalum album) was carried out over hundreds of years to extract its essential components and use them in folk medicine. What benefits would we be talking about? Let’s see them

How to use Litsea Cubeba essential oil

Litsea cubeba is a tree native to Asia, specifically China and other parts of Southeast Asia (such as Malaysia). In this area, it is a well-known tree and valued for the qualities and medicinal and aromatic properties it provides. This plant lacks properties ornamentally and is not very attractive, although it is usually used in

Characteristics and Properties of Lavender (Lavandula hybrida)

A curious hybridization between common lavender and wild lavender (lavender) results in what is now known as Lavandin (Lavandula hybrida). A plant that physically is very similar to its predecessors but that concentrates a little more essential extracts, being very interesting for the preparation of aromatic substances and as a medicinal plant for various remedies.

12+1 Properties of castor oil

Everyone has heard of the properties of castor oil. An extract that is used for many options, encompassing the improvement of human health as an industrial use to protect plastics and even as a combustion medium for engines. Castor is considered a multipurpose plant with a large list of medicinal remedies when we use castor

5 properties of coconut oil that you did not know

One of the most consumed tropical fruits in the world is the coconut. Easily recognizable by its thick, brown and hairy shell. Inside we find the pulp, its edible part of white color, which gives off a delicious aroma. Thank you to all the benefits that this fruit has, a wide variety of foods have

Properties of Evening Primrose Oil

The properties of evening primrose oil they have been used very regularly in recent times. It has become very popular for its main positive effects on the human body, therefore, this has made it one of the best-selling oils today, especially among the female public. This oil is ideal to be able to control the

Properties and Uses of Tiger Balm

Within the world of ointments and ointments we find one that catches our attention. It is known as tiger balm, although you should not worry because it does not contain any animals but a compendium of oils and medicinal plants. This product has been studied and tested with beneficial effects for muscle and skin aches.

Does burned incense offer any properties?

The incense it is a useful compound to burn and emit a fragrance to the pleasant environment. In fact, the origin of the word incense comes from the Latin derivation “to burn”. This element has been around for many, many years. Already in ancient times, it was used in religious rituals, as in ancient Egypt,

How to prepare rosemary alcohol and enjoy its properties

The rosemary plant is an evergreen shrub with blue flowers. It is an aroma plant that is used to flavor poultry, lamb and lamb meat dishes, as well as vegetables, especially potatoes. It is excellent in tea. In addition to the distinctive flavor it adds to foods, it has several health benefits. It can be

7 Ways to Use Calendula Oil for Your Skin

The calendula oil is a natural extract from the flowers of the calendula plant (Calendula officinalis ). It is often used as a complementary treatment to medicines or other products and valued for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Its use can be interesting for healing wounds, relieving eczema or diaper rash in babies and