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Top foods with vitamin E

The vitamin E It is a fat-soluble nutrient that we can get in many foods. It is paramount for the functioning of the human body because it has a powerful antioxidant action and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it contributes to the control of bad cholesterol, and improves fertility because it has an important role in hormone production.

The main food sources where we can find vitamin E are those of vegetable origin, such as sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, avocado or olive oil and in some whole grains. It is also possible to consume it in capsules as a supplement, under prescription of the doctor or nutritionist.

The body needs to acquire foods with vitamin E for the immune system to function optimally, either for the formation of red blood cells and also to help the body use vitamin K, essential in blood clotting.

Food sources with vitamin E

This nutrient is indispensable for our life. It is clinically proven to be of great help in treatments of very serious diseases, such as bladder cancer, Parkinson’s and hypertension. It is also of great help for fertility, hair and skin treatments. This is due to its compounds and properties, especially that of being a powerful antioxidant.

What happens when we suffer its lack?

It is strange the lack of food with vitamin E in an organism. Generally this situation is related to problems of intestinal malabsorption, and some of its effects are: reduced reflexes, difficulties when walking, double vision, loss of sense, muscle weakness and constant headache.

There is greater concern in these types of problems in newborn babies, because during pregnancy there is little passage through the placenta. In any case, breast milk is enough to meet the needs of this nutrient that the baby needs.

It is also important to clarify that, otherwise, the excess of buying and consuming foods with vitamin E for a long time can lead to an increase in mortality, since it has been linked to a possible increase in the risk of Prostate Cancer.

In addition, it can become a hypervitaminosis, which can result in the presence of severe bleeding, damage to the digestive and hepatic system and heart problems.

That is why it is not convenient to exceed the 15 or 20 milligrams per day recommended according to the body of each person. Always, in case of any doubt, it is important to consult a doctor of absolute confidence to clear all kinds of doubts.

Vitamin E for the skin

Foods with vitamin E are important for health and, in addition, it is essential to have a glowing skin. This nutrient is beneficial both to ingest internally, through food, or either using creams or oils.

In the skin, one of its greatest virtues is that it achieves a powerful anti-aging effect. In addition, it is highly effective in counteracting the spots on the face that accumulate over the years. It protects the skin against UVB rays, pollution and climatic agents (sun, humidity) that are usually harmful to the skin.

Foods rich in vitamin E are also recommended for burns and scars, marks that will diminish until they are completely eliminated from the body. Finally, it is very useful for attacking the formation of stretch marks. With daily use of a product of these characteristics, this discomfort will disappear in a short time.

Foods with more vitamin E

Specialists recommend ingesting between 15 and 20 milligrams daily, an amount that can vary depending on the needs of each person. This nutrient can be obtained in foods of plant origin, such as sunflower seeds, almonds and hazelnuts, among others.

Below, we will detail some properties and recommendations of these elements.

The highest contents of foods with vitamin E are in: sunflower oil (48 mg/100g) and sunflower seeds (37.8 mg/100g). The latter contains, for example, almost 10 times more of this fundamental nutrient than olive oil.

Then, nuts such as hazelnuts (26 mg/100g), almonds (20 mg/100g) and nuts (10.94 mg/100g). With a couple of handfuls of any of these three fruits are already covered daily needs.

Other foods with vitamin E are: pumpkin pipes (13.66 mg/100g), which are a very good option to include in salads, wheat germ (22mg/100g), which can be taken at breakfast mixed with a glass of yogurt or milk and ginger powder (18 mg/100g), which can be added in infusions with water and sweetener, thus avoiding sugar.

This last element can also be used naturally for cooking, although in this case its contribution will be less.

Foods with vitamin E for the skin

Vitamin E capsules

The capsules with vitamin E they are used in those cases where the person needs extra doses of this nutrient. The first thing to clarify is that, when buying them, they do not have the same potency and effects as those foods where we find it naturally.

Where these capsules are most acquired and used is to reinforce skin treatments. For example, the capsule as a moisturizing balm for the lips. The fatty acids that are part of the properties of vitamin E make the lip softer, have a bulky appearance and a more visible color. It is very useful for dry lips.

The capsules are very effective also in anti-wrinkle treatments, preventing them and also reducing the appearance of expression lines, which is the area where more wrinkles appear. Vitamin E is very effective in promoting skin that looks young and healthy.

Pigmentation in the skin is caused by several factors, such as hormonal changes, prolonged exposure to the sun, scars and irritations.

The anti-pigmentation treatments they are highly efficient with capsules with vitamin E for their antioxidant content that helps the regeneration of the skin, providing healthier cells.

Finally, it is very effective to acquire them as a topical for the eye contour, due to their low-fat properties. It is, as we see, a fundamental tool, not only in food but also when maintaining a healthy skin and organism.

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