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Digestive infusions to relieve stomach pain

Sometimes, after a big meal, we can suffer from some kind of stomach pain. The natural thing is to look for a quick solution to relieve it, since it can be very annoying. Therefore, a simple remedy to prepare can be some digestive infusions of proven effectiveness, especially for mild discomfort and stomach swelling.

Commonly, the symptoms that occur are: pain throughout the area, burning, heartburn and even vomiting. In that case, you have to be clear about which infusions are digestive, in order to use the most convenient.

A stomach pain can occur from various causes, the main one being poor eating habits. It is important to know that natural remedies are of great help when the discomfort is mild and derived from common causes.

That is, if the pain experienced is intense and does not decrease with any infusion, you should go to the urgent doctor. It is also not recommended to combine various remedies, as counterproductive effects can occur.

Among the digestive infusions for stomach pain, there are the following.

List of digestive infusions

Ginger infusion

This excellent ginger infusion improves digestion and is also used when suffering from inflammation, from the accumulation of gases.

In a cup of boiled water, add 3 grated slices of ginger and leave for 5 minutes over low heat. This infusion should be taken between 1 and 3 times a day.

In the case of pregnant women, this infusion should be consumed with great caution. If you are already breastfeeding, your consumption is not recommended.  It is also not recommended for people suffering from gastritis and ulcers.


Chamomile infusion

It is the most common and well-known remedy for the treatment of nerves, but in addition, this also serves to make digestive infusions for after eating.

It is ideal when something spicy or heavy has been eaten and we have a burning sensation. This infusion facilitates digestion and deflates the stomach. This infusion is recommended for anyone, even useful for children, without generating any secondary or adverse reaction.


Anise infusion

It is another of the plants that serve, to relieve a pain and discomfort in the stomach. It is a perfect digestive infusion to reduce the accumulation of gas, allowing its expulsion quickly and relieving any swelling and abdominal pain.


Cumin infusion

Cumin has begun to be used very frequently, as it has been shown to be a good remedy, to relieve stomach pain.

Only an infusion is made with a tablespoon of it and taken at room temperature or a little hot.


Cinnamon infusion

A tablespoon of ground cinnamon and a slice of lemon in an infusion, relieve the symptoms of gastric pain.

It is important to note that this is not recommended for women who are pregnant (in the first months), since cinnamon can cause an abortion involuntarily, as well as it should not be given to children under 2 years old.


Boldo infusion

It is ideal for poisonings in the stomach and burning. It is recommended to make an infusion of 3 leaves for each cup of water.

This should be taken twice a day, preferably once on an empty stomach and the other at night, as long as the discomfort persists.

The infusion should not be very concentrated, so do not exceed the number of leaves per cup. In case you want to sweeten it, it is recommended to use honey.


Digestive infusions for children or babies

infusions for gas after meals

There are circumstances in which children may begin to complain of a tummy ache. It mostly happens, when something they have eaten has fallen heavy or you are simply experiencing nerves and you do not know how to control them.

For this reason, it is recommended to observe the behavior of children and know why such fraud occursr.

In this way you can give some of the digestive infusions for babies, which we are going to mention below:

Chamomile infusion

As already mentioned above, it is important to make known, that chamomile will always be the first option to treat stomach pain in children

This is because, it is a natural leaf with excellent properties, which will not cause any damage to the organism of the little one.

It contains sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, which will reduce discomfort in children. In addition, putting sugar, can be a very pleasant infusion to the consumption of children or babies.

Chamomile relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract, facilitating contractions and making all the fed consumed, move in a better way through the stomach. This will relieve abdominal spasms.

Mint infusion

In both children and adults, this infusion allows to relieve tummy pains. It has been shown lately, that peppermint contains a calming effect on the stomach muscles. This improves the flow of bile, used by the body for digestion.

In case the child does not want to take this digestive infusion, you can try to eat a sweet or mint candy (if he is at the right age to eat them), since, if he is a baby, it should not be done, since they could suffocate.

Digestive and depurative infusions

Digestive and depurative infusions are a very effective type of home remedy to combat the feeling of heaviness and swelling of the abdomen.

There are several factors that are responsible for causing stomach discomfort, such as being under stressful situations, a poor diet and even having a too sedentary life.

Eating at inappropriate times is also the main cause of suffering from stomach pains.

Among the infusions recommended here, are those that go together, that is, the combination of 2 infusions to counteract the discomfort.

Infusion of mint and lemon balm

It is a great combination that has digestive, sedative and antispasmodic properties for the digestive tract.

In turn, this will also be very useful, to relieve the symptoms associated with nervous disorders.

Infusion of green anise and chamomile

It is a very relaxing infusion, which helps eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria, which can be found in the intestine. This promotes digestion and should be taken 15 minutes after each meal.

Combined infusion

It bears this name, because here more than 2 types of infusions are combined, making the effect of de-inflammation, happen faster.

Plants are combined that serve to optimize the function of the liver, as well as purify and strengthen it and improve digestion.

To make this digestive infusion for after eating, it is used:

  • 2 dandelion leaves.
  • 2 sheets of nettles.
  • 3 g dried licorice.
  • 3 g ginger.
  • 1 glass of water.
  • 1 tablespoon honey.

Its preparation is based on boiling water, to add dandelion, licorice, nettles and ginger. Then, let stand for about 15 minutes and strain all the contents in a glass.

It should be sweetened with honey and taken 10 minutes after the main meal. It is recommended to take this infusion for about 5 days.


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