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How can the Infusion of Olive Leaves Help you?

The infusion of olive leaves has a substance called oleuropein, a bitter compound with extensive medicinal properties and a high nutritional value. Oleuropein along with other polyphenols found in the leaves and fruits of the olive tree, is very useful for preventing disease.

The olive tree also known as olivera or olive, is a tree that can reach 5 m in height, native to Greece and Asia Minor and widespread in the Mediterranean region and in America. It is a plant well known for the exquisite taste of its fruit, from which an oil widely used in European cuisine is also obtained.

Features of the infusion of olive leaves

The infusion of olive leaves is used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiplatelet. It prevents cellular inflammation and therefore considerably decreases the formation of cancerous tumors.

This infusion has proven to be a very useful supplement when administered with medications, however, its use should not be discriminated as it can have adverse reactions, therefore, it is advisable to first consult a doctor before starting its consumption together with medicines.


To prepare 400 ml of infusion, 20 clean and fresh leaves should be taken. In case of using dry leaves, with 10 will be enough. They are cooked with 800 ml of water, and left on the fire until it is reduced by half. The leaves are removed using a strainer and left to stand for 10 minutes. If desired it can be sweetened.

What is the i for? Infusion of olive leaves?

Scientific studies have shown that olive leaf taken as an infusion helps fight almost all viruses. Currently, people with HIV are being tested, with encouraging results.  Its components have proven to be very effective in treatments of febrile symptoms. However, much more research is needed to obtain reliable results.

It is recommended for use in people who retain liquid, as it is a diuretic par excellence. Also widely used in people suffering from constipation problems. It serves to accelerate the metabolism by facilitating exercise routines.

Olive infusion for tension

This infusion has the particularity that it strengthens the walls of the capillaries, while serving as a coronary dilator, which allows a better flow of peripheral blood, avoiding increased tension.

Before consuming this plant for control tension, care must be taken not to have disorders of high and low pressure, since olive leaves act as a hypotensive, so it would be a risk to ingest it in case of having low blood pressure.

Slimming properties

Olive leaves are a good alternative to reduce high cholesterol levels and to lower blood sugar, which is a benefit when it comes to wanting to lose weight. By having laxative power, it considerably improves intestinal function, allowing waste to be expelled from the body.

Promotes thermogenic production, which is a protein that helps the body burn fat naturally. For the infusions of this precious plant to have slimming effects, its ingestion must be combined with a good diet, and the regular practice of physical exercises.

Infusion properties of olive leaves

Infusion of olive leaves for hypertension

Undoubtedly, one of the best benefits that this plant has is its ability to reduce the pressure of the arteries, since it acts as a vasodilator, allowing a better circulation of blood through the body.

Thanks to the fact that this plant has a high concentration of vitamin C, works very well as a natural antioxidant, controlling free radicals, diluting the crystals that form within the arteries and veins that hinder blood circulation.

This infusion, by serving as a cholesterol controller, helps the heart function more normally, avoiding many of the diseases and disorders derived from hypertension.

It could be a good option when it comes to decreasing the dose of the medication for hypertension, but you should always be under the supervision of a specialist, who will assess the improvements and in turn, it will be the cardiologist who will recommend the appropriate dose of the drug.

Other benefits associated with this infusion

It is an excellent stimulant for the growth of bone cells, which helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. It is ideal for increasing energy and body vitality.  Because it has immunological properties, it prevents body infections.

The polyphenols Containing olive leaf, they help improve cognitive function, helping to prevent neurodegenerative diseases. It decreases cellular mortality and therefore delays the aging process.

The use of olive leaves, helps to eliminate toxic substances from the liver, avoiding liver problems. It prevents the formation of gallstones and favors their elimination.

Contraindications to the infusion of olive leaves

Its use is contraindicated in women who are in gestation period or in a state of lactation, since the effects that it could produce in the baby are not clear. In people who suffer from hypersensitivity or allergic symptoms to this plant or any of its components.

In people suffering from diabetes, it is recommended to consult with the doctor, since infusions of olive leaves, have a hypoglycemic effect. Similarly, people who suffer from hypotension or with blood pressure disorders, should consult their specialist before consuming this plant.

It is recommended not to ingest this infusion when you have problems in the digestive system or diarrheal pictures, since olive leaves have laxative properties. It is also contraindicated for children under 6 years of age.

Similarly, its use should be discontinued, if effects such as headaches, rashes and muscle aches occur. When ingesting medications, the doctor should be consulted, since the components of this plant can cause unwanted effects when interacting with the components of the drugs.

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