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Infusions to lower the tension that you should take into account

Having high blood pressure is quite dangerous. To a lesser extent, a high tension is capable of producing dizziness or headaches, so before any symptom of these, the most important thing is to measure it and remedy it quickly.

For this, in addition to moderate physical activity and good eating habits, there are infusions to lower tension that can help us at specific times.

In this sense, it is important not to confuse these infusions with tea or coffee, since these will raise the tension, while the infusions, will have the opposite effect.

One of the advantages of these infusions to lower tension, is that in addition to having several types, there are different flavors, so in addition to helping your body regulate tension, you can be enjoying a pleasant drink that also has an easy preparation and are also quite simple to find anywhere.

Let’s see a list of the most famous and important, with recognized activity to lower tension.

List of infusions to lower blood pressure

infusions to lower tension

Valerian infusion

The valerian infusion it is one of the best known. It is a plant that has energizing properties, so in addition to helping to lower the voltage, it will be a good source of energy. The main reason for the inclusion of valerian in this list is that it also helps us improve blood circulation and lower the formation of clots.

If you want to reduce your tension by taking valerian, it is important that you keep in mind that you should only take this infusion when you are not taking any medication. This is because if you take it at the same time that you are taking a medication, you can interfere with its effects and in the best case, it will not have any positive results in your body.

The preparation is quite simple and for this, it will be enough to add a tablespoon of valerian to a cup of water that will have to be boiled for about five minutes.

Once boiled, you have to let it rest for a reasonable time, such as ten minutes for the valerian to settle, after this it sneaks in and you can take it warm, ideal also for the cold. Like everything, it is not advisable to abuse it, so it is not recommended to take more than two cups a day.

Infusions to lower the tension of linden

Linden is another of the most famous infusions. In fact, the importance of linden as a tranquilizer infusion has made him stockpile many popular sayings and expressions that are normally used to refer to someone who is nervous or upset, inviting him to take a lime tree.

In addition to their relaxing properties, is ideal for lowering tension by relieving the walls of blood vessels.

Linden is one of the best known infusions to lower tension and that people usually take when they are in a state of anxiety or nerves.

Infusion of rooibos

infusions to lower the tension of roobio

Among the list of infusions to lower tension, we include the properties of rooibos, although it is not as well known as others, it is great for reducing blood pressure.

Unlike linden and valerian, we can find infusions of rooibos with different mixtures and flavors, so it is easier to find some that we like and that have a pleasant taste for us.

Many people mistakenly confuse it with red tea because of the color it has, so it is important to know that it has nothing to do with tea and that it has no theine, so you can take it quietly at night, even before going to sleep that will not affect you at any time to sleep.

Lavender infusion to relieve anxiety

The smell of lavender is usually quite relaxing and serves to relieve nervousness. The effect is similar if we consume it as an infusion.

This is because its leaves have very soft sedative properties that allow us to lower the tension in those moments that we have a sudden rise. In this case, the preparation is also simple and for this, we must boil the fdried lores of lavender in a liter of water for about 10 minutes approximately.

As we do with valerian, once the process is finished, we wait another ten minutes for it to rest and finally strain it.

In this case, the recommended dose of lavender infusion is something more than that of valerian, because we can take up to four cups without any problem.


Infusion to lower the tension of ginger root

home remedies for headache with ginger

Ginger in addition to being used for cooking, we can take advantage of its root to make an infusion in case we want to lower our tension. We will also find different ways to consume it, such as pure extract.

Ginger has the quality of improving our circulation in addition to relaxing the muscles that surround the blood vessels, so this effect affects our body, achieving a hypotensive effect, so it is ideal to lower tension.

The ginger infusion It is quite simple to prepare and like the previous procedures, it will be enough to boil water with the root inside, to once the process is finished let it rest, strain it and it will be ready to consume.

These are a few infusions to lower blood pressure, so if you ever have high blood pressure, do not hesitate to take any of them.

Do you know more infusions to lower tension?

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