Sodium chlorite: what effects does it have on health?

There is a lot of controversy with the so-called MMS (miracle mineral supplement), and it is normal that when something carries the word miraculous, we throw our hands to our heads and take a step back. This article aims to be a review of the studies of the sodium chlorite on the part of the

Main benefits of kaolin clay

The origin of the white clay or kaolin as a therapeutic element it goes back to the very beginnings of humanity. It is an asset that has been present in all ancient medicines and that its use persists today. Kaolinite is a white, fine and soft clay whose extract is completely natural. Currently, it remains

Top Air Purifying Plants for home

Faced with the pollution that is increasingly present in cities and is transmitted to our homes, natural methods arise to try to limit pollutants and improve the quality of the environment. The air purifying plants they are an effective and comfortable alternative to renew the environment and avoid toxic elements that inhabit it. Polluted air

Discover what the practice of chi kung can do for you

The traditional Chinese medicine (MTC) is a style of traditional medicine based on more than 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercises (chi kung), and dietary therapy. But recently it has also been influenced by modern Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is widely used in

Benefits of using aloe vera on your face

The Aloe vera It is one of the best known plants by gardening lovers, since it is resistant, can be grown in pots and, in addition, has medicinal use. Its use is one of the most used home remedies for the skin, especially in the face of burns. In fact, it is common to find products

Eutonia: a therapy to improve our health

The Eutonia it is a therapy that tries to achieve a balance between the body and the mind. It is a very unknown method and we will explain what it is. The creator of this treatment is the German Gerda Alexander and it is a therapeutic and educational body discipline that considers the body as

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

The word Mindfulness can be translated by «full mind.” It is a therapeutic technique that has become fashionable in recent years and has its roots in Buddhist meditation. Mindfulness is about concentrating attention in a way that tries to increase the awareness of the person at that moment. The anxiety it can exhaust us mentally

Vegetable glycerin: uses and benefits for the skin

Vegetable glycerin is a product commonly used in cosmetic products and soaps, for application on the skin. It is also known as glycerol or simply glycerin, and comes from plant remains of coconut, palm and, in general, plants that produce oils. The product in liquid form is shaped like syrup or hand soap, and has

How to make homemade multipurpose soap

Making soaps at home will not be a problem following the techniques that we will explain below. So you can get a handmade product, with excellent benefits. Soaps can be made from oils, fats or waxes, making them react with a specific amount of caustic soda, so that the saponification process, known as the transformation of

If you have these symptoms you have a soy allergy

Soybeans belong to the legume family (Leguminaceae), which also includes foods such as peas, lentils, and beans. Currently, this plant is given full use, especially due to the increased consumption of food products of oriental origin. Therefore, the soy allergy it has been increasing in recent years. Some products that use soy among its ingredients: