5 guaranteed benefits of yarrow

We have a large list of medicinal plants to use, simple cultivation, and without major transformation processes. A plant that is commonly used for infusion is yarrow, of historical world knowledge and very present in traditional medicine. In recent years, there has been a boom in scientific research that aims to boom this type of

How to prepare Aloe vera gel at home

The Aloe vera It is a medicinal plant well known among professionals and amateurs, which contains thickened leaves that store a large amount of water and gel. This gel has a great moisturizing capacity and is an excellent hydration aid against sunburn, cuts, small wounds or mosquito bites. In general, the Aloe vera gel serves

Oriental radish: before winter reinforce yourself with food supplements

Winter is relentless with health. At this time, our body undergoes sudden changes in temperature and humidity when leaving and entering the air-conditioned places to the street repeatedly a day, and this negatively influences our defenses. That is why in winter the consumption of the food supplements, especially the vitamin complexes and compounds based on

10 Best Foods and Herbs for Liver Health

Many people around the world live with conditions that affect the liver, such as cirrhosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, liver cancer, liver failure, and hepatitis. Each year, liver disease is responsible for nearly 2 million deaths worldwide. Risk factors for liver disease include excessive alcohol consumption, high blood sugar levels, obesity, high blood

5 Medicinal Plants You Probably Don’t Know

Unknown plants with medicinal properties Various investigations have shown that primitive man already used various plants archaically as food and for therapeutic purposes. And it is that human evolution has consisted of trial and error, being more than likely that many humans died when testing totally toxic plants. As they stored data on the different