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Natural remedies against dark circles and bags

The hustle and bustle of daily activity and poor eating habits, low sports practice or poor quality of sleep, causes certain parts of our body to suffer. Physically, the first symptom can be seen around the eyes, where dark circles and bags appear that harm our beauty (but can lead to other worse symptoms).

Although correcting the lifestyle is the most practical solution in the long term, it is not the simplest, so quick actions arise to correct dark circles and cover the problem. Of these remedies, we find some very interesting ones that base their effect on the use of medicinal plants.

Causes of the formation of dark circles

The first thing is to analyze why we have dark circles. The answer, of course, depends on our lifestyle, although there are some activities that harm us and facilitate their formation.

Let’s list a few of them, since prevention is the cure:

Abuse of foods with salt

The abundant intake of foods that contain salt or, directly, provide our dishes with more salt than is convenient, increases the capacity for fluid retention. The first symptom is an increase in eye bags (commonly referred to as dark circles).

In addition to this problem, excess salt causes long-term diseases of complicated solution, such as the dreaded hypertension.

Excess sunlight

Sunlight is good, in short periods of time, for recharge us with vitamin D. However, prolonged exposures harm the health of our skin. The origin is in UV rays, a powerful oxidant that reduces the hydration of our skin and causes premature aging.

On the face, the first symptom is the appearance of spots and the appearance of dark circles.

Prolonged exposures in the medium term can cause much more serious illnesses, such as skin cancer.

Eye irritation

Exposure for a long time to computers, mobile phones, tablets or television causes eye irritation. This causes an increase in eye strain and an increase in the volume of blood vessels in the eye (redness).

In turn, our brain emits substances to combat stress caused by eye irritation. One of these components is the cortisol, whose interest lies in reducing muscle tension in the environment of the eyes. On the other hand, it favors the darkening of all the skin around and the accumulation of fluid.

Sleeping on your stomach or side

Any position that comes into contact with the pillow or mattress with our eyes can cause irritation and swelling in the affected area.

Many people who have this habit get up with very swollen eyes and with the famous dark circles, which take several hours to reduce.

Therefore, improving this habit at bedtime has many repercussions on our quality of life, and we must get used to looking for the ideal position at bedtime. After all, we spent many years in bed.

woman with spoon in her eyes against dark circles

Natural remedies to relieve dark circles

Next, we provide you with some natural remedies to remove dark circles, using natural products and with the help of small changes in our lifestyle.

Stay well hydrated

Not only in reducing the consumption of salt is the solution, but we must also favor the elimination of retained liquids while always hydrated.

The ideal is drink plenty of water throughout the day, but also consume foods rich in soluble vitamins that contain a lot of liquid, such as citrus, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, etc.

The set of vitamins and the high amount of water contained in most fruits and vegetables, will keep our skin hydrated and will favor the proper functioning of our kidneys and gastrointestinal system in the elimination of fluids.

Folded tea bags on the skin

When we visibly have dark circles, a remedy to reduce their volume and disguise their contour is to apply tea or coffee bags.

Both caffeine and theine contained in coffee and tea infusions contain a large number of active ingredients such as antioxidants and polyphenols. Scientific has been demonstratedAs these substances increase hydration capacity and blood flow, favoring, on the one hand, the reduction of oxidative processes caused by the Sun and, on the other, the correct wetting of the epidermis, considerably reducing the volume of dark circles.

For example, green tea contains numerous anti-inflammatories that will help you in this task, and you will get numerous advantages both taken in infusion and applied to the skin.

How to reduce the volume of dark circles with tea bags:

  1. Once we drink the tea, we take advantage of the bag, letting it cool until we can apply it on the skin.
  2. Squeeze so that it does not drip and apply on closed eyes for 10 minutes.

Cucumber as a moisturizer

One of the main natural remedies for dark circles and bags is the use of products that provide a lot of water and vitamin, such as cucumber.

The vitamins A, B and C and E (in higher concentration vitamin E) of cucumber, have a high antioxidant power, so it is interesting to improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin and reduce the effects of sunburn, as well as accelerate wound healing and offer a better overall appearance, especially in dark circles.

In fact, surely the image of cucumber slices put in the eyes comes to mind, since for their water content and the refreshing power, they act as a mild anti-inflammatory to reduce bags and dark circles.

Sleep, sleep and sleep

No, we are not talking about sleeping more than 12 hours a day, but about complying with the standards that the scientific and medical community advises, which is a minimum of 7 hours per day.

The lack of sleep brings mild short-term consequences, and one of the first detections is the accumulation of fluids, lack of hydration of the skin and the appearance of dark circles. This, coupled with overwork, poor eating habits and stress, worsens symptoms.

Sleep prevents the appearance of the common symptoms of dark circles, eye spots and skin aging. If you have trouble sleeping, it is advisable to perform relaxation techniques, avoid mobile and television 1 hour before sleeping and have a light dinner, among the main tips.

In addition, you can also help yourself with the use of medicinal plants that will help you sleep.

Mask with fatty foods

The fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 are not only good for contributing to the perfect balance between good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol. Applied to the skin, it guarantees perfect hydration and regeneration against cellular aging caused by oxidative exposures (the Sun, for example).

One face mask with avocado and yogurt applied on the face first thing in the morning increases the hydration of the skin, facilitates a smoother epidermis and provides vitamins and healthy fats that reduce wrinkles and skin spots.

This mixture, applied to the skin for 10 minutes, has moisturizing, soothing and rejuvenating properties against dark circles.

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