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Medicinal plants that will help you sleep well

For many, after a long working day, the bed is one of the best times of the day. It is a great relief and rest for our brain and muscle when we strictly comply with the time it needs.

However, many people do not get enough rest even if they spend a long time in bed. The insomnia is a big problem that affects our mood and vitality. The last of the resources are the drugs that facilitate this task, simple at first glance. However, they have the problem that we can get used to them and have the problem again (even aggravated) in the event that we stop taking them.

Fortunately, we can count on some foods and medicinal plants that can have an effect similar to that of medicines, calm us down, relieve us and prepare us for a long night of deep sleep. Just what we need.

The dream plant par excellence, valerian

Infusion of lemon balm against the nerves

lemon balm infusion to sleep through the night

The lemon balm it is also a medical plant known by many. The first thing that comes to mind is its potential to relax, but it also has other properties.

With this plant happens just the opposite of the concept we have of chamomile, and that we will see later. Chamomile is commonly used for stomach pains but it also works to relax us.

And in the case of lemon balm, we use it daily to relax but it also has positive effects against stomach upset. This is because lemon balm possesses carminative properties and choleretics.

With regard to sleep, lemon balm has different effects that achieve calm and reassure us. In these cases we can take advantage of this medicinal plant.

  • Stress situation (work or family): 2-3 infusions of lemon balm a day, in the morning and at night.
  • Insomnia: an infusion 30 minutes before the scheduled bedtime and we will arrive at the bed much calmer and more willing to spend a long night with our eyes closed.
  • Palpitations or tachycardia: if they have a nervous origin, lemon balm can help us calm down, reduce our heart rate and return to a state of standby. Take an infusion at the beginning of this type of attack.
  • Heavy digestions: after eating foods that we know we are going to repeat them or it will cost us to do the digestion, we can combine the dessert with an infusion of lemon balm. It will help activate the digestive mechanism.

The sedative effects of marjoram

Marjoram taken as an infusion also serves to relieve us in a situation of stress or nerves that prevent reconciling the soil correctly.

Topically, there are body washes and oils that contain marjoram and help to enter a pre-sleep situation, of maximum relaxation.

infusion of marjoram for sleep

Tila in front of our concerns

The Tila is the classic medicinal plant used in infusions to relax.

We have always heard from our relatives the “take a tila”! before entering exams, job interviews, etc.

Taking advantage of this knowledge, a linden infusion 30 minutes before bedtime it will get us to relax and forget the nerves that make our body in an “alert phase” and we do not get to sleep.

Passionflower extract for sleeping like a child

Passionflower, also known as «passion flower» is a plant commonly used as an ornamental. The spectacularity of its flowers make it increasingly used as a resource to cover fences, bars and windows.

It is also known some extracts of passionflower that help to sleep well, because this medicinal plant has a sedative effect in our body.

This is because passionflower is rich in flavonoids and alkaloids with relaxing effects of which polet us take advantage of it through infusions.

A cup or infusion of passionflower at the end of the day after arriving home after a hard workday will prepare us to sleep like a child.

passionflower medicinal plant for good sleep

Chamomile infusion as a relaxant

Most of the time we resort to chamomile looking for reduce stomach pains. However, this medicinal plant can offer us tranquility and a relaxing effect if we consume it before sleeping.

The classic and most comfortable way to take advantage of the benefits of chamomile is through an infusion.

It is enough to boil the sachets that we can buy in any supermarket and take it after dinner.

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